at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

4 - 30 August, 1 p.m. (13:00)

Pleasance Courtyard (#33) > Pleasance One

(not on 9, 16, 23 August)

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Follow the award-winning group Derevo from the house where they are staying to makeup and performance... (by Murdo Macleod)

***** The Herald

...This piece really is about the heart and soul of tragi-comic physicality...


...This is not just a stage production it's a phenomenon...

***** Hairline

...although you will be moved (and even a little frightened) by the ominous drama expressed through the jerky contortions of each of the excellent dancers, the prevailing spirit of the work is one of humour and warmth...

***** Fest

…The show is a sequence of strange, arresting set-pieces which would be disorientating without the Harlekin himself. The weary innocence with which he greets every strange new situation is the play’s one constant note…

**** The Telegraph

...Just go and see this show. It's strange, stirring, often beautiful entertainment, and you'll be thinking
about it for a long time...

**** The List

...The sinister and the beautiful have been Derevo's trademarks ever since their Edinburgh debut in 1997 with Red Zone, and Harlekin provides another memorable chapter in their captivating story...

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 DEREVO is currently on the position 2  
from more than 1100 shows!!!

If God and the Devil were playing chess,
Harlequin would be the chessboard.

Following the success of the 'heavy metal' 'La Divina Commedia', and the epic 'Ketzal', the legendary dance-Dada-mime-Butoh-theatre-clowning troupe from St. Petersburg springs its latest surprise on the Fringe... the 'Harlekin'!

Under 'occupation' on the customs form I had put 'Harlequin'. The policeman asked me what it meant. I answered, 'this has been my role in theatre for many years.' 'You should write 'Actor',' said he. I apologised. He smiled.

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