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Original text: Anton Adasinsky
Images: Elena Yarovaya and/or DEREVO
English version editor: Jael Karavan

14 November

Fell asleep on the plane from Tokyo. Dreaming a sniper with his trousers down. A plastic coca-cola can is on his member he can't go to the toilet...

Sleeping with the headphones on. "The bad machine doesn't know that he's a bad machine. You still don't believe it. You still don't believe you're a bad machine?" suddenly intrudes my brain... Alan Parker's Midnight Express. That's what they show in aeroplanes now.

Everything happened wonderfully and quite expected in Japan. We visited the 50th Anniversary of Asbestos Studio and the Birthday of Kazuo Ohno. He turned 98.

What we luckily saw is a big big big gift. A body keeps this unerasable hermetic knowledge. This is not a sort of a well-mannered european Butoh. This is a real one.

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