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Sad news. Chester Mueller passed away

04. 10. 2016, 21:14 | by DEREVO

Chester Mueller


Sad news.

Our Great Chester Mueller has passed away

He was our manager from 1997 to 2005
We were saying over and over again:
Dear Lord, please send us a manager.
So he entered our lives.

With him and his right-hand Karla Reinartz we were able to dive deep into pure creativity.

He covered our backs:
registered DEREVO as a company
insurances, taxes, permissions, contracts, applications, visa
basic financial aid from the city (institutionelle Förderung)..

Our Creative Bases have become possible through him
First the Laboratory and then, from 2003 till now, the studio in the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

We don’t know what happened.
We know that we miss him.

Anton Adasinsky / DEREVO


If you can read German here’s an appropriate and insightful obituary by Andreas Körner:


Chester Mueller with DEREVO in RussiaChester MuellerChester MuellerChester Mueller
Chester MuellerChester MuellerChester Mueller with DEREVO at Radebeul Festival, 2001Chester Mueller


Dima Tyulpanov has left this world

08. 02. 2015, 18:40 | by DEREVO

Dmitry Tyulpanov. Photo - Dmitry Konradt

Yesterday our friend and partner on the stage, one of DEREVO’s co-founders, left this world - Dmitry Tyulpanov

His heart

A month ago, Andrey Gladkikh and I together began work on the documentary RED ZONE - our very first performance
There will be lots about Dima
The film is not finished yet

And we bow to Idit Herman - his wife who nurtured his talent and his daughter, who accepted and bore his Derevo-like way of life

Lena, Tanya, Anton & Alexey

..and the sky begins right from the ground…


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Dmitry Konradt
Video: Andrey Gladkikh (cut & new sequences)