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NOW - 14.07.2015 - Endless Death Show

14. 07. 2015, 21:51 | by DEREVO

Dresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaThe story of the clones ended in 2164.
It started boringly and finished unnoticed.
The last clone reservations in Canada didn’t even need guards.
It was difficult for mere mortals to get there, for the reservations were also the territory of the ‘Indians’. But if somebody was still interested, the cost was inexpensive and there wasn’t much to see.
As was well known, the clones could speak any language but their words were dry and sparce.
When they spoke they looked at the nipples of their interlocutor, left eye on the left one, right eye on the right one.
They never asked any questions.
They would end a conversation abruptly and the stories about their ability to foresee or heal were just bait for tourists.

But in just ten years the remaining 150-200 thousand clones were bought by the Swiss, ostensibly to end the experiment.

Canada and the ‘Indians’ were happy.

The last notorious case involving clones began in Geneva, in its swamp of boredom and eco-paranoia.

The first performance of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” took its course as usual, with dinner and lethargic applause at the end. All quite ordinary until the moment when a gaunt and frantic clerk stepped on stage and announced to the “most honourable audience” that tonight 43 people had died on stage. In response to the laughter from the stalls he raised a curtain and pointed to a pile of bodies, a concise snapshot - “Clones”.

“Titus Andronicus”
It does indeed have many killings
And impeccably played and perfectly real, the death of a clone-actor attracted spectators hungry - now just as in ancient times - for blood.
But the terms got more complex, and a particular privilege became not just to watch throughout and clap at the end
But to also attend the funerals.
The clones weren’t buried or cremated. They were dissolved in a solution of complex composition bearing the glorious name “Sfumato” - the haze of Florence, raising a mountain in the hearts of those who never stoop.
And this elite audience, bidding farewell to the body of a clone melting in the solution, lived the show to its real end and took away, one would hope, some honour, courage and disdain for revenge.

Such theatres were banned, hidden, closed, then reappeared.
Because romantic love, passion, shown faithfully and frankly, always wins in front of cardboard knives and plastic clubs.

For the Endless Death Show, the weapons were brought from museums and sharpened by the masters of the fifth generation.

But all this has passed.

Not much has been written about it. People (men, mostly) didn’t want to speak, think or write about clones.

A single convenient argument was always used - imperfection of their souls.

Women were never included in the polemics, for a sin with a clone wasn’t actually a sin and after the explosion of clone-dating, a husband just became a talking zucchini…

Some things remain unclear: their unwillingness to tell jokes, dislike of geometry, prostration in front of any animal, crying at the sight of a river, endless catarrh.

But most likeable, what moved idiots and children, was when fifteen or more clones placed their arms on each other’s shoulders and danced in a ring for a short while before peacefully falling asleep, their skin colour changing to silver.

To look at their sleeping faces is forbidden, for he who does will see them always in his dreams till the end of his (their) days.


Photo - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Dresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Dresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaDresden. Albertinum. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Elena Yarovaya


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do you speak English as mother tongue?… you could help!

21. 07. 2013, 20:39 | by DEREVO

Photo by Anna Bogodist

Dear friends,

right now and rather urgently Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO are looking for a long-term support from a native speaker (English) to either translate Anton’s texts directly from Russian or proof-read / edit our own translations.


  • an interest in the DEREVO’s style / way of life
  • experience in working with literary and artistic texts or poetry
  • high availability on-line

As you can see, there’s not so much work but if there’s any it’s urgent. It’s mostly for this web-site.

A voluntary collaboration is very welcome (some bonuses are possible when visiting DEREVO shows). However, if there are any interested professionals around, the terms can be discussed at any time.

As soon as you can help us with this matter, there will be the next issues of Anton’s NOW.



Please e-mail your suggestions to Daniel, DEREVO’s web-master at

Thank you!


NOW - 19.11.2012 - Boris Strugatsky

20. 11. 2012, 22:29 | by DEREVO

A. Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for "Hard to be a God" by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky's novel. Photo by S. Aksenov

And so it goes.

Either due to lack of sleep or due to some general weariness but tears came right away when I’ve read „Boris Strugatsky is dead“.

I never knew it would entrain me so much.

He wasn’t a „writer“ or „sci-fi author“. It was just the easiest way to define Strugatsky brothers.

But it’s more complicated.

They were like a transmitter on a wave which is not hitting those who’s „harmless“.

Remember this? We all hear just one voice in each one’s telephone receiver, though we do hear different things. („Disquiet“ / „Snail on the Slope“)

Maybe sometime we’ll find out what their warnings, their discoveries, their predictions were about.

I’ve been pushing the „Snail…“ among all my friends, stoned admirers of Berdyaev, Crowley and Castaneda. But it wasn’t in fashion then.

Please read them now.

Boris Strugatsky didn’t die.

Aliens do not die. It must be some other word. We don’t know it yet.



Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Sergey Aksenov (Anton Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for Hard to be a God by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky’s novel)



DEREVO’s December in Dresden

31. 10. 2012, 22:29 | by DEREVO

DEREVO. Zwischen den Zeiten VII (2012)

According to the long-year December tradition DEREVO performs a series of new works and brings back some older shows at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden.

20 - 22 December 2012, 20:00

“Fifth Sun”

new performance by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO. Stage design by Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)

An abstract tales or myths make children and scientists happy. Common people rather passionately discuss those concerning the End of the World. Like The Flood, The Fire from the Sky, The Mad Asteroid and of course The Maya Calender. The End Of the Fifth Sun is on 21.12.2012. But the premiere is on 20th of December, don’t worry.

Yes, that’s true. Everything comes in its time. To all of us.
Provided that we really do live,
That Time goes only in one direction,
And that I do understand WHAT I’m writing…

This is what I’d like to put in question.


Facebook Event Link / Join, share & invite friends »

28 December, 20:00

“Sake, the Moon and a Horse”

Solo performance by Anton Adasinsky with unique improvisations.

„Unique, ‘cos I positively couldn’t repeat them again.“

In the first part an influence of Sake on the perception of the Moon is being examined.
It has nothing to do with a Horse.

In the second part the Moon in a state of Sake is being examined. There’s a Horse appearing in the distance.

In the third part nothing is being examined because of Sake. A Horse nears and turns out to be white.

During final applause it becomes clear that Sake is the name of a Girl.

Facebook Event Link / Join, share & invite friends »

29 - 30 December, 20:00


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Tickets available On-Line via SAXTicket »

or by Telephone: +49 (0)351 8893884

5* from The Times for MEPHISTO WALTZ at Fringe 2012

11. 08. 2012, 09:56 | by DEREVO


5 Stars from The Times to MEPHISTO WALTZ by DEREVO. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

Click to open it as PDF »


Thank you Donald Hutera & The Times



Some further reviews of MEPHISTO WALTZ in Edinburgh:

Thanks to all authors for seeing and reviewing MEPHISTO WALTZ.

Sokurov’s Faust comes to theatres

13. 11. 2011, 22:56 | by DEREVO

Anton Adasinsky as Moneylender (Mephistopheles) in Faust by A. Sokurov. Photo - Jiri Hanzl. (c) Proline-FilmIn January 2012 the winner film of the 68th Venice Film Festival, Faust by Alexander Sokurov, comes to european cinemas.

Anton Adasinsky played one of the leading roles, the Moneylender (Mephistopheles). Renowned voice-over talent Santiago Ziesmer gave the character an inimitable features by dubbing the role as a native speaker in German.

On January 14th the public film screenings start in Germany, on January 19th in Austria. At the end of January 2012 the film is going to be released in Russia. St Petersburg Premiere takes place on January 26th in the Big Hall of St Petersburg Philharmonia. Moscow Premiere is set for January 28th at Barvikha Luxury Village Centre.

Meanwhile Faust has been presented as part of many different film festivals all around the globe, among them were:

  • Venice International Film Festival (Golden Lion)
  • Toronto Int’l film festival, Canada
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland
  • Busan International Film Festival, Korea
  • London BFI
  • Mumbai Int. Film festival, India
  • VIENNALE - Vienna International Film Festival, Austria
  • São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
  • AFI FEST, Los Angeles, USA
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan
  • LEFF - Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival, Portugal
  • Mar del plata, Argentine
  • Kolkata Film Festival, India
  • European Film Forum Scanorama, Lithuania

Some more festivals still to feature Faust:

  • Bucharest Experimental IFF, Romania
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia
  • Gijon Int. Film festival, Spain
  • International Film Festival of Kerala, India
  • Chennai International Film Festival, India



Photo - Jiri Hanzl. © Proline-Film

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Ossip Mandelstam / Осип Мандельштам

24. 07. 2011, 18:32 | by DEREVO

Ossip Mandelstam

* * *
Schlaflosigkeit. Homer. Geblähte Segel.
Der Schiffe Namen, aufgereiht wie junge Vögel,
so wie dereinst der Kranichzug, der aufstieg
über dem Strande Hellas’, las ich nur zur Hälfte.

Der Keil der Kraniche im Flug nach fremden Küsten, -
er krönt wie Götterschaum die königlichen Häupter, -
Wohin geht eure Fahrt? Was wäre Troja, nur die Stadt allein,
euch ohne Helena, ihr Krieger der Achaier?

Die See, und auch Homer – dies alles treibt die Liebe.
Auf wen soll ich nun hören, da auch Homer nun schweigt?
Die schwarze See braust mit rhetorischem Getöse
dumpf krachend gegen meines Bettes Pfosten an.


Das silberne Zeitalter. Lyrik aus St. Petersburg,
Ende des XIX. – Anfang des XX. Jahrhunderts.
Leningrad, Lenizdat, 1991.

Übersetzung: Rainer Jäckel

Das Original auf Russisch »

« zurück

BEVOR DIE BLÄTTER FALLEN von Arsenij Tarkowskij / Перед листопадом. Арсений Тарковский

13. 04. 2010, 23:57 | by DEREVO
Все разошлись. На прощанье осталась
Оторопь жёлтой листвы за окном,
Вот и осталась мне самая малость
Шороха осени в доме моём. .

Выпало лето холодной иголкой
Из онемелой руки тишины
И запропало в потёмках за полкой,
За штукатуркой мышиной стены.

Если считаться начнём, я не вправе
Даже на этот пожар за окном.
Верно, ещё рассыпается гравий
Под осторожным её каблуком.

Там, в заоконном тревожном покое,
Вне моего бытия и жилья,
В жёлтом, и синем, и красном - на что ей
Память моя? Что ей память моя?

Alle sind fort. Zum Abschied geblieben
Ist mir der gelben Blätter Gebraus,
Nur dies Geringste ist mir geblieben,
Herbstliches Rascheln vor meinem Haus.

Sommer entglitt, eine eiskalte Spitze,
Leise der Stille gefühlloser Hand,
Hinters Regal in die finsterste Ritze,
Wo Mäuse rascheln hinter der Wand.

Draußen vorm Fenster der glutrote Brand
Wäre er mein noch, wenn ich darum stritte?
Sicher zerstreut noch ihr Absatz den Sand
Bei jedem ihrer zaghaften Schritte.

Im ruhlosen Schweigen draußen vorm Haus,
Wo ich nicht mehr bin, im bunten Treiben,
Im Blau, Rot und Gelb. - Was macht es ihr aus,
Was bedeutet es ihr, dass ich an sie denke?

Арсений Тарковский. Стихи разных лет.
Москва, “Современник” 1983.

Moskau, “Sowremennik” 1983

Übersetzung: Rainer Jäckel



Positive Band

“Wse rasoschlis…” (Alle sind fort)

Basiert auf dem Gedicht von Arsenij Tarkowskij “Pered Listopadom” (Bevor die Blätter fallen)

Anton Adassinsky - Musik, Gitarre, Gesang
Igor Timofeev - E-Gitarre, Gesang
Nikolaj Gussev - Keyboards, Gesang
Andrej Sisinzew - Percussion, Gesang
Wiktor Wirwitsch - Percussion
Alexej Rachov - Percussion, Saxophon


Siehe auch: Ein Brief von Sankt Petersburg »

Надо завтра же прочитать все книги!

15. 05. 2006, 13:26 | by DEREVO

Список книг см. ниже (source -

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В этом нет ничего нового, Ибо вообще ничего нового нет. Николай Рерих

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# (105 ) ИСТОРИЯ (наука и гипотезы)


“Было бы величайшей ошибкой думать” В.И.Ленин, ПСС, т.41, с.55.

# ( 39 ) Законы, акты, постановления


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