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Tour-Plan Updates: St. Petersburg, Terschelling, Dresden, Edinburgh

06. 05. 2012, 12:53 | by DEREVO

Some updates to DEREVO’s tour-plan have now been made, just like Anton ‘predicted’ in his last news.

You may find all updates on the tour-plan page here »

Finally, the schedule for the summer is settled.

DEREVO School on Wheels performs at the OEROL Festival on Terschelling island and at the Scheune Schaubudensommer Festival in Dresden.

“MEPHISTO WALTZ” to be presented as part of the Russian Season programme at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Can’t wait for the Summer 2012…


Photo by Elena Yarovaya




New events in St Petersburg in May 2012. Workshop by Anton Adasinsky + performance by Nastya Ponomareva

04. 05. 2012, 19:58 | by DEREVO

May 12, 2012, 11:00
Open workshop by Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO)
Free entry.

Centre of contemporary culture “FAKEL”, Sofiyskaya ul. 44, St Petersburg, Russia



DEREVO School presents new performance by Nastya Ponomareva:

LUNIS. One Question - May 13, 2012, 20:00
LUNIS. One Answer - May 19, 2012, 20:00

BlackBox Theatre, Kazanskaya ul. 7, St Petersburg, Russia



LUNIS. Solo performance by Nastya Ponomareva (DEREVO School)

Sokurov’s Faust comes to theatres

13. 11. 2011, 22:56 | by DEREVO

Anton Adasinsky as Moneylender (Mephistopheles) in Faust by A. Sokurov. Photo - Jiri Hanzl. (c) Proline-FilmIn January 2012 the winner film of the 68th Venice Film Festival, Faust by Alexander Sokurov, comes to european cinemas.

Anton Adasinsky played one of the leading roles, the Moneylender (Mephistopheles). Renowned voice-over talent Santiago Ziesmer gave the character an inimitable features by dubbing the role as a native speaker in German.

On January 14th the public film screenings start in Germany, on January 19th in Austria. At the end of January 2012 the film is going to be released in Russia. St Petersburg Premiere takes place on January 26th in the Big Hall of St Petersburg Philharmonia. Moscow Premiere is set for January 28th at Barvikha Luxury Village Centre.

Meanwhile Faust has been presented as part of many different film festivals all around the globe, among them were:

  • Venice International Film Festival (Golden Lion)
  • Toronto Int’l film festival, Canada
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland
  • Busan International Film Festival, Korea
  • London BFI
  • Mumbai Int. Film festival, India
  • VIENNALE - Vienna International Film Festival, Austria
  • São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
  • AFI FEST, Los Angeles, USA
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan
  • LEFF - Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival, Portugal
  • Mar del plata, Argentine
  • Kolkata Film Festival, India
  • European Film Forum Scanorama, Lithuania

Some more festivals still to feature Faust:

  • Bucharest Experimental IFF, Romania
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia
  • Gijon Int. Film festival, Spain
  • International Film Festival of Kerala, India
  • Chennai International Film Festival, India



Photo - Jiri Hanzl. © Proline-Film

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Dark Waters - slide film, Terschelling, 2011

02. 07. 2011, 20:34 | by DEREVO



Photo: Anton Adasinsky
Editing: Elena Yarovaya
Music: Daniel Williams
Dancers: Elena Yarovaya, Nastya Ponomareva, Nadya Mozheiko, Alexey Lanskoy, Gleb Alekhin and others
Costumes: Anna Frumson



NOW - 25.06.2011 - DEREVO & Terschelling

25. 06. 2011, 20:53 | by DEREVO

Back in 1989 DEREVO was performing at OEROL for the very first time!

Aaaaah! Is it really so long ago???

22 years ago this Island made a new hardly noticeable companion to world re-knowned DEREVO theatre company.

Right there in the dunes, under the sky, on the endless sands, in the roaring wind and surf, there the unique principles of DEREVO’s dance have been elaborated. And they mean the mastering of huge spaces, laconic moves, purity of senses, precision in colours of the costumes and props, live music of nature…

Our improvisations here could be just four hours long, as well as nine days and nights without break, like in the „Adventures of the Golden Egg“.

And now at the thirtieth (!) anniversary OEROL Festival, on top of the hill, in an endless wind, blowing all the waste out of your mind and body, here DEREVO performs Mephisto Waltz.

No photograph could possibly convey the power of this place…
But still… here are some photo-visions…


Terschelling 2011. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. Photo - Elena YarovayaTerschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna Bogodist
Terschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. Photo - Anna Bogodist
Terschelling 2011. Photo - Elena YarovayaTerschelling 2011. Photo - Anna BogodistTerschelling 2011. Self-portrait. Photo - Elena Yarovaya08_Brandaris_Light_Tower_Anna_Bogodist_(5)11_A_Adasinskiy_Mephisto_Waltz_ph_Anna_Bogodist_(47)





Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Daniel Williams
Photos: Anna Bogodist, Elena Yarovaya
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya


See also one of the first online photo projects at dedicated to the Island of Terschelling - Wind & Water »

The photographs from the Wind & Water are also available as a printed album DEREVO vol. 1 here »


Three days to go: WHITE FORTRESS 2011 in Dresden

06. 06. 2011, 06:48 | by DEREVO




9 /10 /11 /12 June
Am Zwingerteich, Dresden

More info »

Tickets online (DE) »


DROP in the OCEAN. 21 - 23 April 2011, Hellerau, Dresden

18. 04. 2011, 23:32 | by DEREVO

just 2 days to go…

Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden
21 – 23 April 2011, 20.00


Stage design, costumes, production: DEREVO
Director: Anton Adasinsky
Composer, musical director: Nikolai Gusev
Sound design: Daniel Williams
Light design: Igor Fomin

DEREVO with Elena Yarovaya, Anton Adasinsky, Alexey Merkushev and Oleg Zhukovsky and guests from St. Petersburg – Nikolay Gusev (keyboards), Igor Timofeev (perc., guit), as well as dancers Tatyana Belousova, Nadezhda Lanskaya, Anastasia Ponomareva, Aleksey Lanskoy.

Project manager: Isolde Matkey
Costumes: Anne Frumson
Props: Andrej Bobylew
Assistants: Elena Dolmatova, Ekaterina Lobanova

Technical director: Kai Kaden
Production supervisor: Andreas Lorenz
Light: Falk Dittrich
Stage manager: Steffen Köhler
Sound: Helge Petzold, Sandro Schwertner
Stage: Peter Tirpitz, Welko Dimitrow

The new production by DEREVO is dedicated to the modern russian folklore and at the same time it’s a nostalgic contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the first space flight of human, as well as to the 50th Anniversary of the city partnership between St. Petersburg and Dresden.

The hero of the journey to the collective past is Petrovich. He could never forget his dreams, in his grey backyard he still tinkers a rocket which will once take him to the outer space…

Host organization: HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden.

The premiere has been supported by the Culture Foundation of the Free State of Saxony

Tickets Online - Dresden / St. Petersburg / Dresden

16. 02. 2011, 00:17 | by DEREVO
With +10 °C in Dresden just a couple of days ago and with -24 °C in St. Petersburg right now we’re fearlessly looking forward to the Spring which is coming soon.

Meanwhile the tickets for our shows in both Dresden and St. Petersburg (and then Dresden again) can already by booked online.

  • TOTENTANZ 2011 in Dresden (18-19 March, Dreikönigskirche Dresden)
  • MEPHISTO WALTZ - russian premiere (22-23 March, Licedei Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • HARLEKIN (24 March, Licedei Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • DROP in the OCEAN - premiere (21-23 April, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden)

Tickets for all the shows in Dresden can be booked here: (German)

Tickets for the shows in St. Petersburg are only available from DEREVO here: (Russian)


DEREVO in St Petersburg, March 2011

Dresdner Totentanz 2011


Happy New Year from DEREVO!

31. 12. 2010, 13:49 | by DEREVO



Based on the images connected with the production MEPHISTO WALTZ in Hellerau, Dresden, in December 2010

Photos and Animation by Elena Dolmatova
Music/Sounds by Daniel Williams
Sound design by Elena Dolmatova

See also: “THANK YOU!!!” »

Tour-plan updates

13. 10. 2010, 23:05 | by DEREVO

DEREVO’s tour plan has been updated recently with some new dates and options particularly for performances in Russian Far East. HARLEKIN will be played in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk and optionally in Ekaterinburg. The dates for HARLEKIN performances in St. Petersburg have been confirmed as well. Please don’t miss the appearances of DEREVO with the critically acclaimed HARLEKIN in Subotica (Serbia) and Budapest (Hungary). An appearance in Antwerpen (Belgium) has been confirmed for the February 2011.

You’ll always be able to follow the tour-plan updates here: (English) | (German) | (Russian)

Please note the links on top of the Tour Plan page to add the DEREVO’s Tour Plan to you Google Calendar or iCal or RSS Reader

About the HARLEKIN »

Third Evidence at the Hermitage

05. 10. 2010, 20:51 | by DEREVO

Third Evidence
Improvisation by Anton Adasinsky (Body) & Nikolay Gusev (Music).

Festival “Georges Pompidou Centre at the Hermitage”, St. Petersburg
Nikolayevsky Hall
October 10, 2010, 12:15



…just wake up early and run along the beach to the rising sun. The rustling breath sound quite like the hissing surf and you’re feeling happy because of your wet ankles…

Then the sun shines in the drops of sweat on your belly. You smile and you swim, and when you look back you see the lump of clothes on the shore…

(From one girl’s letter)

When shall I marry? // This year, next year, sometime, never. // What will my husband be? // Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich-man, poor-man, beggar-man, thief.

a counting game

…Do not swear, please! All of you are under suspicion!…

Anton Adasinsky


Third Evidence. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


«Cat on Accordeon». Concert & Action in St. Petersburg (RU)

08. 09. 2010, 23:01 | by DEREVO

In the meantime in St. Petersburg they’re working on the concert & action “Cat on Accordeon”

September 12, 2010, 7 p.m.
Courtyard of Mikhailovsky Castle
Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO

with Positive Band, Poema Theatre, SpasiboDA Theatre,
Musical theatre of Children RADUGA, Dumb Choir, Theatre AKHE, other guests, friends, beloved ones…

More details and tickets online on this web-site (Russian) »

Photos from rehearsals by Elena Dolmatova




DEREVO’s HARLEKIN at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

22. 07. 2010, 22:13 | by DEREVO

DEREVO. HARLEKIN at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

Promotional page of the HARLEKIN performance for the upcoming 26 days long marathon of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now available.

Everyone is welcome to see the performance at one of the best venues of the Fringe, at the Pleasance One.

WEISSE FESTUNG 2010 (White Fortress) - Final Video

18. 07. 2010, 23:02 | by DEREVO



In June the WEISSE FESTUNG (WHITE FORTRESS) happened at the beautiful pond in the historical city centre in Dresden. After the last year’s success they asked us to repeat the open-air action. It was far too easy to persuade us in this case.

On and In the Water:

Anton Adasinsky, Lena Yarovaya, Pavel Semchenko (AKHE), Andrey Sizintsev (AKHE), Alisa Oleynik, Maxim Kuznetsov, Lidiya Makeeva, Lidiya Kopina, Tatyana Belousova, Valentin Tzin, Alexey Lanskoy, Nastya Ponomareva

The crew

Daniel Williams - Sound, Steffen Köhler - Technical direction, Falk Dittrich - Light, Igor Fomin - Light for floating objects, Isolde Matkey - Management, and many assistants - everything that wouldn’t be possible without them

Film by Andrey Gladkikh

See also WEISSE FESTUNG Day by Day »

The Fight of the Harlekin… Day by Day / DEREVO backstage - new film project

24. 06. 2010, 22:30 | by DEREVO

This is a first video from the future film project about DEREVO Backstage.

Here we rehearse the open-air project “The Fight Of The Harlekin With His Own Shadow In Search Of The Barrel of Wine And The Eternal Life” to be performed on 27 June and 9 - 11 July 2010 in the courtyard of the late gothic castle Albrechtsburg in Meissen, Germany.

More info about the Albrechtsburg castle (German) »

Tickets online »


Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkikh
Participants: DEREVO