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NOW - 27.06.2014 - DEREVO in Voronezh

27. 06. 2014, 00:44 | by DEREVO

10 days in June

  • June 8th ISLANDS
  • June 9th ISLANDS
  • June 10th Filming for «Viking» (feature), director A. Kravchuk
  • June 11th AVIA at the street parade
  • June 12th «Midnight Balance»
  • June 15th AVIA in concert
  • June 17th Makhina Dzhuraeva performs with Elena Kaufman

These two weeks reminded me of DEREVO’s beginnings.

Working continuously for 24 hours at the limit of your strengths, you stop being conscious of any other world but your own. And thus it becomes easy to be creative!

No, “easy” is the wrong word.

At the peak of tiredness all the most crazy ideas become natural, the place begins to draw people in like a magnet, a church-like seriousness builds, a whirlpool of power…

And then the great moment comes when the actors and dancers on stage cease to look like “performers”. They are living it.

It stops being “just” a Theatre.

Elena Yarovaya
Makhina Dzhuraeva
Anna Budanova
Gleb Alekhin
Ivan Nevzorov
Lida Kopina
Liza Polyanskaya
Nikolay Zapolskih
Dmitry Krivochurov
Dasha Fedotova
Anna Bogodist
Elena Imamova
Nikolay Khamov
Igor Fomin
Grisha Shmidko
Sasha Gromyko

Thank you!

Anton Adasinsky

and folliwing was the ONCE… in Poland, we’re heading to Italy with MEPHISTO WALTZ soon and AVIA is going to play a big concert at the Open Cinema Festival in St Petersburg

AVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistAVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistAVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistAVIA. Photo - Anna Bogodist
AVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistAVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistAVIA. Photo - Anna BogodistDEREVO in Voronezh. Photo - Anna Bogodist
DEREVO in Voronezh. Photo - Anna BogodistDEREVO in Voronezh. Photo - Anna BogodistAnton Adasinsky & Andrey Kravchuk. Photo - Anna BogodistFilming "Viking". Photo - Anna Bogodist
Thank you. Photo - Anna BogodistHappiness. Photo - Anna Bogodist



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Anna Bogodist



MIDNIGHT BALANCE. Photo - Anna Bogodist
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Venice, Perm, St Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi……

23. 08. 2011, 19:02 | by DEREVO

Photo from DEREVO Archive

Some quite exciting updates can be found in our tour-plan. Sokurov’s Faust premiere at the Venice Film Festival, an appearance of DEREVO in the russian city of Perm with both a performance and a workshop, Anton’s appearances along with AVIA band in St Petersburg, then MEPHISTO WALTZ in Moscow and in Sochi. The first options for 2012 are published too.

On 8th of September 2011, Anton Adasinsky and Elena Yarovaya will attend the premiere of the Alexander Sokurov’s Faust at the 68th Venice Film Festival. In the film by the Russian film master Anton plays the Usurer or Moneylender as an incarnation of Mephistopheles. Incredible team has been working on the film, including fellow actors Johannes Zeiler, playing Faust, Isolda Dychauk as Margaret and Hanna Schygulla as the Usurer’s wife. With the stunning cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel (”Amélie”, “A Very Long Engagement”, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”) this film is one of ten favourites from the very strong line-up in the run for the Golden Lion.

After this DEREVO travels to Perm, MEPHISTO WALTZ was invited to the “Texture” Festival and then Anton Adasinsky does a three days of workshop.

In St Petersburg Anton performs with the AVIA band then two more MEPHISTO WALTZ performances in Russia come up in Moscow and in Sochi where growing numbers of the world class cultural events should help the city to perfectly slip into its role of the host city for the winter Olympics in 2014.

All known dates and venues are available in the tour plan »

More updates to come… web-master

DEREVO in ROCK. Концерт “ВСЁ ХОРОШО!” (ролик)

10. 06. 2008, 01:40 | by DEREVO

Ждем в гости мастеров-виртуозов:

Рома Дубинников (музыка к спектаклям «Всадник», «Однажды…». «Острова» и много ещё всего)
Николай Гусев («АВИА»)
Алексей Рахов («АВИА»)
Игорь Тимофеев - гитара, перкуссия
Андрей Сизинцев (музыка к фильму «Юг. Граница», спектаклю «LA DIVINA COMMEDIA»)
СтереоЗольдат - акции DEREVO и первая пластинка «Асфальт» с Антоном Адасинским
Ольга Арефьева
и другие

Приходите в Мюзик-Холл, 11 и 12 июня!!!

Подробнее о концерте »