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Our friend and colleague Andrey Sizintsev needs help

29. 07. 2012, 12:55 | by DEREVO

Andrey Sizintsev


Hello guys,

as you probably know I was lucky to conquer one rather nasty desease. It was made possible by means provided with our medical insurance in Germany, which covered the very expensive treatment (around 28000 Euro). I didn’t have to pay anything directly.

One of the AKHE Group - our friend and colleague Andrey Sizintsev now requires an operation and a following therapy due to a serious cancer diagnose.

I can imagine how it may work in Russia. I know it’s expensive. Sometimes in cash.

We cannot allow any mistakes for Andrey.

Anyone who can help please check the Information here or on AKHE’s Facebook page.

Thank you

Anton Adasinsky.