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NOW - 20.09.2009

20. 09. 2009, 21:45 | by DEREVO



I can’t recall everything very clearly…
I remember I had to watch seventy two short films on one single night,
since I was in a jury of the Open Cinema.
Enough for the next ten years.
And in the morning we were rehearsing the upcoming concert.
Two new songs emerged:
“Times of Year” by Andrey Sizintsev
and “The Cat on Accordion” by me.
Olga Arefieva gave us a song and we were to accompany her but the guys took away her guitar, so she had to sing only to the drums. It worked fine though.

It was easy to be on stage with Evgeny Fedorov, we played “Money” pretty joyfully.

And every day I was learning my text for the film by Alexander Sokurov:
Faust. Mephisto / the Usurer speaks the Old German.

Now I’m at the filming location near Prague.
At the same time Lena Yarovaya prepares the big project Jesters’
Empire for the closing of the street theatre festival in Radebeul.
During the filming I only can scribble a couple of lines in the
evening, about what happened on each day.

These short notes are what I’d like to show you.


Story one.

As an actor playing one of the main characters I benefit from

various privileges. For instance a car with a chauffeur.
I don’t use the chauffeur but drive myself.
A castle where filming takes place is far away from the hotel,

about half an hour drive on the curved rural Czech roads….

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From new DEREVO show HARLEKIN. Photo - Isolde MatkeyLeonid Leikin pribyl iz Ameriki i opiat dovel meniy do slios svoimi shutkami. Photo - Elena YarovayaEvgeniy Fyodorov & Anton Adasinski playing THE MONEY.  Photo - Elena YarovayaOpen Cinema Dancing for Neva - Photo Elena Yarovaya


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo: Elena Yarovaya, Isolde Matkey
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya


Vsyo Khorosho! Video

11. 01. 2009, 21:42 | by DEREVO


Camera and cut by Andrey Gladkikh
Attention! High quality headphones or audio system are recommended for better perception of the sound in the video.



After the short concert series “Vsyo khorosho!” (”Everything is good!”) Anton Adasinsky and the lads decided to carry on with the project. After all it goes so well!

In February or March 2009 there will be recorded the first 4 tracks of the new album:

“Korotkaya” (A Short One)
“Dengi” (Money)
“Zvezda” (The Star)
“Ego glaza” (His Eyes)



Please do not repost this video on YouTube, Facebook or any similar web-sites. Just give a links on this page. (Yes, we do have an offician DEREVO channel on YouTube »)


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DEREVO in ROCK. Концерт “ВСЁ ХОРОШО!” (ролик)

10. 06. 2008, 01:40 | by DEREVO

Ждем в гости мастеров-виртуозов:

Рома Дубинников (музыка к спектаклям «Всадник», «Однажды…». «Острова» и много ещё всего)
Николай Гусев («АВИА»)
Алексей Рахов («АВИА»)
Игорь Тимофеев - гитара, перкуссия
Андрей Сизинцев (музыка к фильму «Юг. Граница», спектаклю «LA DIVINA COMMEDIA»)
СтереоЗольдат - акции DEREVO и первая пластинка «Асфальт» с Антоном Адасинским
Ольга Арефьева
и другие

Приходите в Мюзик-Холл, 11 и 12 июня!!!

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