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DROP in the OCEAN. 21 - 23 April 2011, Hellerau, Dresden

18. 04. 2011, 23:32 | by DEREVO

just 2 days to go…

Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden
21 – 23 April 2011, 20.00


Stage design, costumes, production: DEREVO
Director: Anton Adasinsky
Composer, musical director: Nikolai Gusev
Sound design: Daniel Williams
Light design: Igor Fomin

DEREVO with Elena Yarovaya, Anton Adasinsky, Alexey Merkushev and Oleg Zhukovsky and guests from St. Petersburg – Nikolay Gusev (keyboards), Igor Timofeev (perc., guit), as well as dancers Tatyana Belousova, Nadezhda Lanskaya, Anastasia Ponomareva, Aleksey Lanskoy.

Project manager: Isolde Matkey
Costumes: Anne Frumson
Props: Andrej Bobylew
Assistants: Elena Dolmatova, Ekaterina Lobanova

Technical director: Kai Kaden
Production supervisor: Andreas Lorenz
Light: Falk Dittrich
Stage manager: Steffen Köhler
Sound: Helge Petzold, Sandro Schwertner
Stage: Peter Tirpitz, Welko Dimitrow

The new production by DEREVO is dedicated to the modern russian folklore and at the same time it’s a nostalgic contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the first space flight of human, as well as to the 50th Anniversary of the city partnership between St. Petersburg and Dresden.

The hero of the journey to the collective past is Petrovich. He could never forget his dreams, in his grey backyard he still tinkers a rocket which will once take him to the outer space…

Host organization: HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden.

The premiere has been supported by the Culture Foundation of the Free State of Saxony

The Source of Dance - Kazuo Ohno has passed away

03. 06. 2010, 13:28 | by DEREVO

Kazuo Ohno has passed away on 1st June 2010

photo: DEREVO, 2004


From: keiko
Date: 2 June 2010 16:43:03 CET
To: Elena
Subject: the source of dance

dear elena,

how are you?
i am thinking about the source of dance, where his dance came from…

where his dance sprang from.
kazuo ohno passed away yesterday. he was 103.
age doesn’t matter now.
he can dance as free as can be.
in the source.

his funeral is on this sunday.
join in prayer.

with my love,


Kazuo Ohno has passed away on 1st June 2010

photo: DEREVO, 2004

see also »


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NOW - 17.05.2010 - Black Dance

17. 05. 2010, 18:41 | by DEREVO

NOW - Archive

I’ve got some thoughts. Just like any other being.
Some are reflections of the surrounding world,
Some are the past, chewed and re-chewed again,
Some are dreams of the future.
Overall it’s a jumble which is hardly worth any classification.
When I’m on stage my thoughts contain no more words.
It’s just another kind of the brain activity. Can’t explain it better. Many years of exercises and performances have lead to that particular result.
But sometimes some childish questions come into my head. I ‘listen’ to them, I laugh and it’s a quite a cheerful mood I’m in then.

Here’s the first piece of the series of audio / video compositions; Black Dance. I like the form. Maybe I can explain something in that way?

(English text editor: Jennifer Williams)




Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkikh
Dancers: Anton Adasinsky, Tatyana Khabarova, Elena Yarovaya
Music: Dmitriy Tyulpanov, Daniel Williams, Igor Timofeyev
Text: Anton Adasinsky



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WHEEL of POWER - Preview

18. 07. 2007, 23:26 | by DEREVO


The project in Mannheim. Street action / Rehearsal
Das Projekt in Mannheim. Straßenaktion / Die Probe
Проект в Манхайме. Уличная акция / репетиция

Mannheim 2007. WHEEL of POWER project. PREVIEW!!!

The action takes place from July 24 till 29, 2007.
Die Aktion findet vom 24. bis 29. Juli statt.
Акция проходит с 24 по 29 июля.

19:00 - 23:00

See also / siehe auch / см. также: [DE] [EN] [RU]


NOW – 02.04.2007

02. 04. 2007, 21:39 | by DEREVO

NOWAfter the «Mad_in_Japan» project in St. Petersburg DEREVO came to Japan with a project «Mad_in_Russia». And there are lots of things happened on that days. More about it in the upcoming news. And for now just some photos:


More photos »

Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Elena Iarovaia, Hideo Tanaka, DEREVO & others.
Photo design: Elena Iarovaia

UPDATE: Anton Adasinsky’s workshops in Dresden - 15 & 16 Feb. 2007

20. 01. 2007, 18:18 | by DEREVO

As a part of the “TANZPLAN” project Anton Adassinsky will present the system DEREVO. In two days of intensive work he will introduce/ familiarize with and present the principles to the participants of the work from DEREVO, including: body memory, dance instinct, rhythm and dance, structure and improvisation, the deconstructing of physical and mental stereotypes, imagination and dance.

The project also features a workshops of the following artists & specialists: Jenny Coogan, Laura Graham, Dieter Heitkamp, Ingo Reulecke, Lutz Gregor, Hayo David, Markus Stockhausen, Angela Rannow

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NOW - 10.10.2006

12. 10. 2006, 00:51 | by DEREVO

СЕЙЧАСAt the Festival “VERTICAL 2006 - Stop in Time” DEREVO has met the indian dancers and they have met DEREVO. What it resulted in - see and read, while we have to go… to go…





Vertical 2006, DEREVO. Photo - A. KhokhlovaImprovisation of Anton Adasinskiy. Photo - A. BogodistFireman at the Robodock Festival. Photo - DiAfter_FestivalSri Sandjay Bhattacharya & Ga. Photo - A. KhokhlovaSri Sandjay BhattacharyaForestAnton Adasinsky & Srabosti Theatre (India). Photo - A. KhokhlovaPigeon & Mercedes. Photo - AlisaVertical 2006, DEREVO. Photo - A. BogodistVertical 2006, DEREVO. Photo - A. BogodistDancer of Srabosti Theatre & Tanya Khabarova. Photo - A. Khokhlova

Photo: Anna Bogodist, Anna Khokhlova, Elena Smirnova, Di, Alisa
Editing & colour grading: Elena Iarovaia