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NOW - 26.12.2007

26. 12. 2007, 17:06 | by DEREVO

NOWDEREVO wishes you merry & happy holidays in the past, presence and future. Have a wonderful year 2008!

We are working on a new performance “DIA GNOSE” to be premiered tomorrow in Hellerau in Dresden.

See the photos from the rehearsals:


Photo by N. Andreeva, A. Gladkih, E. Yarovaya
Photo design by E. Yarovaya

NOW - 16.11.2007

16. 11. 2007, 19:01 | by DEREVO


I was walking through the night in Prague with Robert. He was
absent-minded… was hurrying somewhere.
At the reception in the hotel he left me a note “…I’ll see you later.

You know how to find me…”
Then it was St.P. I’ve met my friends, but not all, whom I’d like to thank. I’ve sung three songs to the children,
I’ve shot the black-eyed beginning of the film “Diagnosis”,
I’ve seen the girl Loozai -
I gave her an iron umbrella and the left-hand glove… and October didn’t want to end.

Styk performed in Dresden her first solo “Tula”, Roman Gabria
performed “Gioconda’s Smile”, and there were “Totentanz” and
“Barbuzons”, and the KETZAL flew to Spain, and my last workshop – so
cruel and so funny…………………………………………. Yes, Anton?……………………
….. Yes……………………………………………………………… and Pierrot’s black buttons like three gun-shots in a nightmare.

Totentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheBarbuzons. Photo by Elena YarovayaElena Stykova. Photo by Carola FritzscheElena Stykova. Photo by Carola Fritzsche
21 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena YarovayaRoman Gabria. Photo by Carola FritzscheBarbuzons. Photo by Elena Yarovaya20 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena Yarovaya
Totentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola Fritzsche
18 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena YarovayaTrain will well. Photo by Elena Yarovaya

Text by Anton Adasinsky
English text editor - Jennifer Williams
Photos by Elena Yarovaya, Carola Fritzsche
Photo design by Elena Yarovaya

NOW - 10.06.2007

11. 06. 2007, 23:24 | by DEREVO

NOWThere’s no chance to avoid the questions.

“Anton, what is your new performance “DIAGNOSE” about?”

I will search for the words again, not to offend someone and not to burst into tears because of the nonsense I’m talking.

OK. Apparently I’m a prosperous person. (Slava, give me back a million!). I don’t buy things. However I stare in the shops’ windows just like the Korean women stare at Dima Abramov.

DEREVO already has everything that may be necessary for the realization of creative ideas.

There’s a photo of Bonnie Parker in my purse next to the driving license, since she’s looking like Lena Iarovaia and Shtyk in their birthday suits.

I can’t eat. All the last ten years I have wanted to. My weight must be 59 kilograms. Between rehearsals and performances I go mad and shout at the partners. I’ve learned to sleep in the day and visit the places I need while sleeping.

So now to the “DIAGNOSE”.

April 2006 they found hepatitis C in some final form in me. We took the camera to the hospital.

In a shadeless voice the doctors said that I have three years more, the last of which definitely would not be pleasant. Alisa gave a silent hem and made a close-up of me. I was looking very angry.

Or there’s intensive therapy. Six months. According to the last statistics, positive chances for a cure are 37 percent against 63 percent negative. The medicine is new, its effects aren’t studied and well-tested yet. I wouldn’t be allowed to stay among people because of the side effects – depression, weakness, fiber, claustrophobia and more. It would be possible under the constant supervision of a doctor. It would be a chance.

I agreed to try the therapy and expended a lot of energy and paper to avoid the hospital. 672 pills, 96 pricks. In Edinburgh I weighed 55 kilograms already and was convinced that the consequences of this chemistry are really unknown and thought that they should analyze me.

Various things happened to me. I hardly remember the performances. The guys knew the story and were bearing up well. However they say I wasn’t completely myself.

After the sixth medical examination right before the “Totentanz” action in the Dreikönigskirche in Dresden in March 2007 my dear doctoress said that I had won. Alisa photographed her hands. We were hugging a little bit longer than usual.

I told the guys about it. As I heard my voice I realized that it was another Anton. The old one disappeared some time that summer. All my performances after Edinburgh: “Mad in Japan”, “Wolve’s Tango” in Kronstadt, “x0” and all the actions and dances, and “ROBERT’S DREAM” and the “DIAGNOSE”, and interviews, and the white contact lenses – they all are creatures of another human being.

So we are living with it so far.

A form of the performance: reconsideration of the Great Love that covered the sky in March 2006. A task of the performance: to meet the old Anton.

I will wear clothes in the performance.

01_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky02_Diagnose. Photo - Maxim Didenko03_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky04_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky
05_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky06_Diagnose. Photo - Maxim Didenko07_Diagnose. Photo - Elena Iarovaia08_Diagnose. Photo - Maxim Didenko
09_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky10_Diagnose. Photo - Maxim Didenko11_Diagnose. Photo - Anton Adasinsky12_Diagnose. Photo - Maxim Didenko
13_Diagnose. Photo - Elena Iarovaia

Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo: Anton Adasinsky, Maxim Didenko, Elena Iarovaia
Photo design: Elena Iarovaia