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NOW - 16.12.2012 - 5th Sun

16. 12. 2012, 23:20 | by DEREVO

We are now rehearsing the show named 5th Sun…

Yes, we do know about all the hype. As about Maya Codex, as their calendar, as about everybody’s endeavours to disappear altogether.

Though we don’t want to disappear. After all we don’t speak Spanish and we’ve got mixed up with all those gods and faithes long ago.

But what’s just came to my mind…

Some bad guy, probably from the South, wouldn’t allow a kid to see the outer world from a birth until the age of fifteen. Just to see the lad’s reaction to the Sun and a sunset. And so the Big Moment comes, the sun comes down and the boy says; „Don’t worry, it will come back again!“.

Well, that is what we’re working on now joyfully.

Here are some images of the work in progress.


Rehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya Krymskaya
Rehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya Krymskaya
Rehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya Krymskaya
Rehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya KrymskayaRehearsal 5th Sun. December 2012. Photo - Natalya Krymskaya


Design and ideas: Pavel Semchennko (AKHE), Anton Adasinsky and Elena Yarovaya (DEREVO).


Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photos: Natalya Krymskaya


DEREVO’s December in Dresden

31. 10. 2012, 22:29 | by DEREVO

DEREVO. Zwischen den Zeiten VII (2012)

According to the long-year December tradition DEREVO performs a series of new works and brings back some older shows at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden.

20 - 22 December 2012, 20:00

“Fifth Sun”

new performance by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO. Stage design by Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)

An abstract tales or myths make children and scientists happy. Common people rather passionately discuss those concerning the End of the World. Like The Flood, The Fire from the Sky, The Mad Asteroid and of course The Maya Calender. The End Of the Fifth Sun is on 21.12.2012. But the premiere is on 20th of December, don’t worry.

Yes, that’s true. Everything comes in its time. To all of us.
Provided that we really do live,
That Time goes only in one direction,
And that I do understand WHAT I’m writing…

This is what I’d like to put in question.


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28 December, 20:00

“Sake, the Moon and a Horse”

Solo performance by Anton Adasinsky with unique improvisations.

„Unique, ‘cos I positively couldn’t repeat them again.“

In the first part an influence of Sake on the perception of the Moon is being examined.
It has nothing to do with a Horse.

In the second part the Moon in a state of Sake is being examined. There’s a Horse appearing in the distance.

In the third part nothing is being examined because of Sake. A Horse nears and turns out to be white.

During final applause it becomes clear that Sake is the name of a Girl.

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29 - 30 December, 20:00


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The Fight of the Harlekin… Day by Day / DEREVO backstage - new film project

24. 06. 2010, 22:30 | by DEREVO

This is a first video from the future film project about DEREVO Backstage.

Here we rehearse the open-air project “The Fight Of The Harlekin With His Own Shadow In Search Of The Barrel of Wine And The Eternal Life” to be performed on 27 June and 9 - 11 July 2010 in the courtyard of the late gothic castle Albrechtsburg in Meissen, Germany.

More info about the Albrechtsburg castle (German) »

Tickets online »


Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkikh
Participants: DEREVO


NATURE MORTE project. Glasgow - Dresden. Video

08. 12. 2009, 00:40 | by DEREVO

GLASGOW: The Arches / Conflux / DEREVO / AKHE

10 – 14 November 2009

Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkih

DRESDEN: The Arches / Conflux / DEREVO

20 & 21 November 2009

Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkih

WHITE FORTRESS - first video available

16. 06. 2009, 20:16 | by DEREVO

…The White Fortress project in Dresden is over.

Now Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO) and Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) are on the way to France. There they will work on the new film “Signature” (working title), a joint project of Mikhail Chemiakin, Slava Polunin and Anton Adasinsky.

Meanwhile you can watch the very first video of the White Fortress:

Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkih
Music: Daniel Williams

Weisse Festung / White Fortress / Белая Крепость

05. 02. 2009, 19:09 | by DEREVO

(promo video)


Open-Air performance on and at the water

11, 12 & 13 June 2009
Zwingerteich, Dresden, 22.00

Exclusively for the Zwingerteich area (the pond at the Zwinger Palace) in the centre of Dresden DEREVO together with specially invited dancers, artists and musicians creates a magically moving night world, inspired by history, water and architecture.

WindRose project. Video

10. 06. 2008, 01:47 | by DEREVO

DEREVO & AKHE present:


May 20 - 25, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE).

14 min., 63 Mb

Camera / edit by Andrey Gladkikh

See also Text & Photos »

More info about the WINDROSE project (DE) »

NOW - 18.05.2008

22. 05. 2008, 00:28 | by DEREVO

10 days in April

It turned out to be possible in ten days to play “THE GOSPEL OF ANTON” in Florence, fly to St. Petersburg the same night and dance in the “Nutcracker”, meet the participants of the concert “Vsyo Khorosho!” there, go to Moscow and look at the future performance location in “WinZavod”, come back to Italy, get in the car and drive to France to Mikhail Chemiakin, to find there Slava Polunin and to discuss their participation in the “VERTICAL 2008″ project under the working title “One Sky”, then drive to Dresden and start the rigging for WindRose, then move to Berlin and fly to Kiev at the “GogolFest”, meet our entire company gathered there from three countries, dance the “Wolve’s Tango” and return to Dresden together with AKHE to start the rehearsals for “WindRose”… whew, all in ten days..

Wolve's Tango. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaMikhail Chemiakin & a cat. Photo - Elena YarovayaSlava Polunin, Mikhail Chemiakin, Anton Adasinsky. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Photo - Elena YarovayaMikhail Chemiakin. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaMikhail Chemiakin, Anton Adasinsky, Slava Polunin. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Wolve's Tango. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaWolve's Tango. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Photo - Elena YarovayaWolve's Tango. Photo - Elena Yarovaya

Text by Anton Adasinsky
Photo by Elena Yarovaya, Jana Svyatkina, P. Datskovsky and others.
Photo design by Elena Yarovaya

See more photos of “Wolves’ Tango project” in Kiev

See also a video preview of the “WindRose”project in Hellerau, Dresden.

NOW - 24.10.2007

25. 10. 2007, 13:22 | by DEREVO


And we gladly finish the long promised “news” about the great days in Mannheim. Nothing to add actually. Maybe I wasn’t in time to say one loud THANK YOU to everyone.

THANK YOU, guys! Great job. Fantastic project.

Hurry up, see the photos »

And in the end of October a film about the project must be ready. Wheel of Power, Will Power, Weal Power, Weel Power… whatsoever our participants: dancers, technicians, artists, managers from Italy, Russia, Holland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland and one man from the North have tried to call or write it.

In November two weddings should tinkle in the world. Mannheim.

Text by Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya based on the photos by Nicole von Hasselt

WHEEL of POWER / Action. Part 01

11. 08. 2007, 14:15 | by DEREVO

The big project “WHEEL of POWER” in Mannheim is over. Amount of video, photo & press material is enormous. So we’ll report in a parts.

Part 1.

To design all the space at the old railway station DEREVO invited the Gang of the Steel Sculptors - the ROBODOCK Crew.

This way they’re creating their magnificent mechanical objects.

Camera / cut by Andrey Gladkih © DEREVO, 2007

More WHEEL of POWER videos »

WHEEL of POWER - Main page

see also:
WHEEL of POWER - Preview
WHEEL of POWER - friends report

WHEEL of POWER - friends report

26. 07. 2007, 21:16 | by DEREVO

AKHE shares some images here

АХЕ делится впечатлениями - тут

AKHE zeigt einige Bilder - hier

(c) AKHE

маленькие итоги

06. 06. 2007, 16:38 | by DEREVO

Уважаемые друзья!

Извините за задержку с информацией.

На проект “ВОЛЯ КОЛЕС” в Мангейме отобраны всего 11 участников.
Из России – 2 человека:

  • Дарья Барабанова
  • Варвара Сливкина.

Пожалуйста, помните, что впереди еще много интересной работы и присылайте видео-фрагменты своих выступлений.