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NOW - 15.05.2009

15. 05. 2009, 16:54 | by DEREVO


Dear friends!

Slava Polunin has planned and already started possibly the biggest project of the 21st Century, The Tower of Human Foolishness.

I heard him and saw the deed of an Architect, and I’ve got permission to talk on his behalf.

The field of Miracles
The place, where The Tower of Human Foolishness will stand
Photo: Elena Yarovaya
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He obtained permission to construct a monument that is bigger than anything built in human history right at his old Mill / Studio near Paris.

Four pillars of 690,000 tons each will raise an 11,720 meter high tower to the sky. This unbelievable landmark is already being constructed.

Its base will consist of circus tents and hooded carts brought here from all over the world, as well as 32 temple buildings: from the log huts of the Old Believers to the Masonic “Khruschev’s concrete panel constructions”. They all, as symbols of the religious mess, will be used as foundations of the tower and will be frozen forever in highly transparent liquid kevlar glass.

The pillars themselves will be constructed of Thermit Aluminium by DuPont so that it can sway back and forth a distance of up to 300 metres at the top.

At the top of the tower a Hand Palm will be constructed, where everyone who made a contribution can curl up and hold a tiny thread for approximately five minutes. That thread will dangle down from the satellite named CHIME which is scheduled for launch in 2014.

The CHIME is connected to a smaller satellite that holds the other end of the thread approximately 500 kilometres above CHIME’s orbit. This far end of the thread is not isolated and serves as an antenna to receive the Unknown.

5 minutes of holding the thread — this is The Very Essential, what the famous Russian scholar Dmitry Likhachev described as follows: “Laughter, mysterious laugh is the last thread, connecting a Human being with the Universe. When it’s torn, the cranes will be shouting…”

The project has been approved by the authorities and is now being rolled out.
The only problem is time. According to managers’ calculations construction will take 9 to 15 years. It’s far too long.

However it can be sped up by pumping more money into it, by the involvement of more people, and by the supply of better materials.

Beginning from 20th May, 2009 DEREVO theatre starts the charity trust “The Tower of the Human Foolishness”. Every contributor’s name will be engraved on one of the pillars, for people must know the names of those who deify Foolishness.

You can donate some money to the Trust in the following ways:

  1. Bank wire transfer:

    Recipient: Tanztheater DEREVO GbR
    Payment purpose: for “The Tower of Human Foolishness” Trust
    Bank: Dresdner Bank, Dresden
    Account No.: 0132640500
    IBAN: DE87 8508 0000 0132 6405 00

  2. You can also use the instant and secure transfer by PayPal

Donation amount is not limited.

Every week at we will update the list of the contributors.

Tell everyone, mail everyone! Let’s do it together!!!!

Hurry! We also want to hold the thread…

Anton Adasinsky
29th Degree


English text editor: Jennifer Williams