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NOW - 15.05.2014 - INFERNAL BALL

15. 05. 2014, 01:02 | by DEREVO

For DEREVO this year: five projects
And I’ve pierced them all with a single quill.
I want to talk about the man who writes, creating, with his heart bleeding for humanity.
A cliché, obviously.
But we are DEREVO: if we do something we’ll punch you right between the eyes…
Thanks to you guys who nodded and didn’t say a word.
But it’s like falling from the sky onto bared bayonets, diving into other’s miseries, their destinies and deaths.
And though it looks rather colourful on stage, even merry… we prepare for this show in a different mood.
Thankyou to the Hungarians! When a Hungarian dance begins everything else backs far, far away…
So now I think the answer might be this: stand in a circle, join hands and go round and round dancing…
Till we fall, laughing
Somebody has been born right at this moment!


Photo - Judit HorvathPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Sylvio Dittrich
Photo - Judit HorvathPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Sylvio Dittrich
Photo - Igor AnosovPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Judit Horvath
Photo - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Judit Horvath
Photo - Judit Horvath


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Judit Horvath, Igor Anosov, Sylvio Dittrich, Janos Posztos



Dark Waters - slide film, Terschelling, 2011

02. 07. 2011, 20:34 | by DEREVO



Photo: Anton Adasinsky
Editing: Elena Yarovaya
Music: Daniel Williams
Dancers: Elena Yarovaya, Nastya Ponomareva, Nadya Mozheiko, Alexey Lanskoy, Gleb Alekhin and others
Costumes: Anna Frumson



DROP in the OCEAN. 21 - 23 April 2011, Hellerau, Dresden

18. 04. 2011, 23:32 | by DEREVO

just 2 days to go…

Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden
21 – 23 April 2011, 20.00


Stage design, costumes, production: DEREVO
Director: Anton Adasinsky
Composer, musical director: Nikolai Gusev
Sound design: Daniel Williams
Light design: Igor Fomin

DEREVO with Elena Yarovaya, Anton Adasinsky, Alexey Merkushev and Oleg Zhukovsky and guests from St. Petersburg – Nikolay Gusev (keyboards), Igor Timofeev (perc., guit), as well as dancers Tatyana Belousova, Nadezhda Lanskaya, Anastasia Ponomareva, Aleksey Lanskoy.

Project manager: Isolde Matkey
Costumes: Anne Frumson
Props: Andrej Bobylew
Assistants: Elena Dolmatova, Ekaterina Lobanova

Technical director: Kai Kaden
Production supervisor: Andreas Lorenz
Light: Falk Dittrich
Stage manager: Steffen Köhler
Sound: Helge Petzold, Sandro Schwertner
Stage: Peter Tirpitz, Welko Dimitrow

The new production by DEREVO is dedicated to the modern russian folklore and at the same time it’s a nostalgic contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the first space flight of human, as well as to the 50th Anniversary of the city partnership between St. Petersburg and Dresden.

The hero of the journey to the collective past is Petrovich. He could never forget his dreams, in his grey backyard he still tinkers a rocket which will once take him to the outer space…

Host organization: HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden.

The premiere has been supported by the Culture Foundation of the Free State of Saxony

NOW - 25.09.2009 - Jesters’ Empire

25. 09. 2009, 20:00 | by DEREVO


I allow myself one sentimental message from Prague.

Dear Lena,

my congratulations to you and all the participants of the Jester’s Empire project on the successful performance! 8000 audience, this is really big!

It was the first and I really hope the last project by DEREVO without me.

Anton the Usurer.


Idea and direction:

  • Elena Yarovaya

Project management, director’s assistant:

  • Isolde Matkey

Wooden Sculptures:

  • Reinhard Zapka

Dancers and other creators:

  • Alisa Oleynik
  • Eugeniya Chetvertkova
  • Elena Yarovaya
  • Maxim Kuznetsov
  • Valentin Tzin
  • Alexander Mescheryakov


  • Andrey Sizintsev
  • Daniel Williams


  • Ulf Naumann

The Smoke Master:

  • Andrey Bobylev


Alisa Oleynik, Valentin Tzin. Photo - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyValentin Tzin. Photo - Elena YarovayaAlexander Mescheryakov, Alisa Oleynik, Valentin Tzin, Eugeniya Chetvertkova. Photo - Isolde Matkey
Elena Yarovaya, Maxim Kuznetsov. Photo - Isolde MatkeyAlisa Oleynik. Photo - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde MatkeyPhoto - Isolde Matkey
Andrey Sizintsev, Alexander Mescheryakov. Photo - Isolde MatkeyElena Yarovaya. Photo - Isolde MatkeyValentin Tzin, Elena Yarovaya. Photo - Isolde Matkey



Photo: Isolde Matkey, Elena Yarovaya
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya



WHITE FORTRESS - first video available

16. 06. 2009, 20:16 | by DEREVO

…The White Fortress project in Dresden is over.

Now Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO) and Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) are on the way to France. There they will work on the new film “Signature” (working title), a joint project of Mikhail Chemiakin, Slava Polunin and Anton Adasinsky.

Meanwhile you can watch the very first video of the White Fortress:

Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkih
Music: Daniel Williams

Adventures of the Golden Egg. The Film

01. 04. 2009, 00:59 | by DEREVO

Video professional Andrey Gladkih looked at the cupboard full of video tapes. Then at the second cupboard. He drank some tequila and looked at the third one.

“Something have to be done with it”, he said.

And from millions of pixels and squares and points he chose right those amazing moments where his mouth fell open or laughter came out or his beard had to be scratched (yes the work took some notable time).

You’re now invited to watch the tangram Adventures of the Golden Egg!
Film by Andrey Gladkih. DEREVO is on screen.

Part 1. Provincial Magic / 5th Wheel, St. Petersburg

Part 2. The Empire, Sovana, Italy

Part 3. Midnight Balance, St. Petersburg

Part 4. Crossing (Totentanz), Dresden

Part 5. Wheel of Power, Mannheim

Part 6. Grauzone, Dresden

Part 7. White Garden, Dublin

Part 8. Lighhouses, Vienna / Babushka, St. Petersburg

Part 9. Windrose, Dresden

Part 10. Windrose - continued, Dresden

Part 11. OEROL, Terschelling island, Netherlands

NOW - 10.06.2008

10. 06. 2008, 01:59 | by DEREVO


How good it is to sit on a perch under the table and look at the leaves and insects flowing in streams below!

A big creature is stirring beside me, Maxim Isaev.

“and the hormones…”

“oh yes, a harmony of the world…” answers Pasha Semchenko.

Innumerable feet rushing along. There are lots of people, but I can’t see them through the tiny hole in the tablecloth.

I can’t see the Great Northern Bear either, but I know it’s above us. Somewhere.

A “WINDROSE” project.

WINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Julia SteinfartzWINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Julia Steinfartz
WINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Carola Fritzsche
WINDROSE. Photo - Julia SteinfartzWINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Carola FritzscheWINDROSE. Photo - Carola Fritzsche

See all photos »

See also WINDROSE Video »

Text: Elena Yarovaya
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photos: Carola Fritzsche, Julia Steinfartz
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya

WindRose project. Video

10. 06. 2008, 01:47 | by DEREVO

DEREVO & AKHE present:


May 20 - 25, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE).

14 min., 63 Mb

Camera / edit by Andrey Gladkikh

See also Text & Photos »

More info about the WINDROSE project (DE) »

WindRose - online preview

22. 05. 2008, 17:38 | by DEREVO

Festspielhaus Hellerau. Dresden. May 21 - 25, 2008:
Participants: DEREVO, AKHE and others

Camera / edit by Andrey Gladkikh

More info (DE) »

See also Text & Photos »

“Дерево” по-русски - АПДЕЙТ 3

06. 02. 2008, 15:40 | by DEREVO

2008 год


(см. февраль)


“Кецаль” и “Однажды…” в Москве (театр Эстрады), премьера клипа “Диагноз” и cольные акции А. Адасинского и участников DEREVO в клубных пространствах Питера… (площадки будут объявлены дополнительно. или не будут.)
“Однажды…” и “Кецаль” в СПб, Мюзик-Холле, в Самаре (Театр им. Горького),

Акция в Секретном Бомбоубежище в Москве Где Штык в Детстве Вывихнула Ногу - не состоится. Не хотим повторения инцидента.



7 марта

Показ фильма «Юг.Граница» и встреча с Антоном Адасинским. Ответы на рискованные вопросы языком и телом.

Большой зал Дома Кино (Караванная ул.,12)


9 марта

Антон танцует Дроссельмейера в “Щелкунчике” (постановка Михаила Шемякина) в Мариинском театре.


Шестидневная акция “Евангелие от Антона” - клуб “Антресоль” (Малый пр. В.O., 49).


20 и 21 марта состоится мастер-класс Антона Адасинского в театре «Люди Дождя» (Мончегорская ул.,10б).


25 марта

Сольная акция Елены Штыковой «Тула» - клуб «Антресоль» (Малый пр. В.O., 49).


“Золотая Маска” - ROBERT’S DREAM - опция


“Ля Дивина Комедия” - Ленинградский цирк и премьера фильма “Диагноз” - опция


Питер, “Элегия” - опция

ВСЯ актуальная информация - в Тур-Плане

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NOW - 24.10.2007

25. 10. 2007, 13:22 | by DEREVO


And we gladly finish the long promised “news” about the great days in Mannheim. Nothing to add actually. Maybe I wasn’t in time to say one loud THANK YOU to everyone.

THANK YOU, guys! Great job. Fantastic project.

Hurry up, see the photos »

And in the end of October a film about the project must be ready. Wheel of Power, Will Power, Weal Power, Weel Power… whatsoever our participants: dancers, technicians, artists, managers from Italy, Russia, Holland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland and one man from the North have tried to call or write it.

In November two weddings should tinkle in the world. Mannheim.

Text by Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya based on the photos by Nicole von Hasselt

WHEEL of POWER - Preview

18. 07. 2007, 23:26 | by DEREVO


The project in Mannheim. Street action / Rehearsal
Das Projekt in Mannheim. Straßenaktion / Die Probe
Проект в Манхайме. Уличная акция / репетиция

Mannheim 2007. WHEEL of POWER project. PREVIEW!!!

The action takes place from July 24 till 29, 2007.
Die Aktion findet vom 24. bis 29. Juli statt.
Акция проходит с 24 по 29 июля.

19:00 - 23:00

See also / siehe auch / см. также: [DE] [EN] [RU]


маленькие итоги

06. 06. 2007, 16:38 | by DEREVO

Уважаемые друзья!

Извините за задержку с информацией.

На проект “ВОЛЯ КОЛЕС” в Мангейме отобраны всего 11 участников.
Из России – 2 человека:

  • Дарья Барабанова
  • Варвара Сливкина.

Пожалуйста, помните, что впереди еще много интересной работы и присылайте видео-фрагменты своих выступлений.


NOW – 02.04.2007

02. 04. 2007, 21:39 | by DEREVO

NOWAfter the «Mad_in_Japan» project in St. Petersburg DEREVO came to Japan with a project «Mad_in_Russia». And there are lots of things happened on that days. More about it in the upcoming news. And for now just some photos:


More photos »

Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Elena Iarovaia, Hideo Tanaka, DEREVO & others.
Photo design: Elena Iarovaia

Объявляется набор участников проектов DEREVO в 2007 г.

20. 09. 2006, 18:48 | by anton

Принимали вы участие в занятиях или нет - не имеет значения ни для DEREVO, ни для вас, ни для занятий. Это, надеюсь, всем понятно. Особенно тем, кто никогда не видел.

В ноябре-декабре 2006 будет проводиться отбор на проекты 2007 года, где вместе с группой DEREVO будут участвовать и студенты Антона Адасинского из разных стран.

Приготовьте материалы! Срок подачи продлён до конца января 2007!

  • 4-5 фотографий со сцены. Один портрет.
  • Стихи, рисунки, фотографии скульптур и т.д.
  • 2 фрагмента видео на DVD по 5 мин макс. импровизаций сделаных не раньше 16-го сентября 2006 года

Если кто-то из участников мастер-классов представляет себе другую форму сотрудничества с DEREVO – пишите.

Это может быть и работа в офисе,
и техническая (свет-звук-сцена),
и мультимедийная (видео-фото)
и массажно-поварская.
А также с хорошей дикцией можно читать вслух «Калевалу» в оригинале, так как DEREVO отличается повышенной неграмотностью, бархатной кожей и неумением свистеть.

Адрес для отправки в Дрезден:

Theater DEREVO
Festspielhaus Hellerau
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56
D-01109 Dresden
Deutschland / Германия

Есть дополнительные вопросы? Пишите на

Антон Адасинский