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NOW - 16.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 1

16. 06. 2012, 16:23 | by DEREVO

Meanwhile DEREVO School on Wheels has finished their performances at the ROBODOCK 2012 (you may remember the name from the huge project in Mannheim)…

On June 15th there’s a ten days long performances marathon on Terschelling island begins, at the OEROL festival.

A lot of things was started for DEREVO there some time ago. And a lot of things for the OEROL.

We’ll keep you up-to-date about the daily performances and improvisations.

You’ll see the dunes, the sea, the horses and the Moon and our guys among all these beautiful things…


  • Nastya Ponomareva (Lunis)
  • Pavel Alekhin (Gleb)
  • Makhina Juraeva (Marat)
  • Anya Raicheva (Raja Ancheva)

We wish you and us were there…



DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL) DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL)





NOW - 24.10.2007

25. 10. 2007, 13:22 | by DEREVO


And we gladly finish the long promised “news” about the great days in Mannheim. Nothing to add actually. Maybe I wasn’t in time to say one loud THANK YOU to everyone.

THANK YOU, guys! Great job. Fantastic project.

Hurry up, see the photos »

And in the end of October a film about the project must be ready. Wheel of Power, Will Power, Weal Power, Weel Power… whatsoever our participants: dancers, technicians, artists, managers from Italy, Russia, Holland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland and one man from the North have tried to call or write it.

In November two weddings should tinkle in the world. Mannheim.

Text by Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya based on the photos by Nicole von Hasselt

WHEEL of POWER / Action. Part 01

11. 08. 2007, 14:15 | by DEREVO

The big project “WHEEL of POWER” in Mannheim is over. Amount of video, photo & press material is enormous. So we’ll report in a parts.

Part 1.

To design all the space at the old railway station DEREVO invited the Gang of the Steel Sculptors - the ROBODOCK Crew.

This way they’re creating their magnificent mechanical objects.

Camera / cut by Andrey Gladkih © DEREVO, 2007

More WHEEL of POWER videos »

WHEEL of POWER - Main page

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WHEEL of POWER - Preview
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WHEEL of POWER - friends report

26. 07. 2007, 21:16 | by DEREVO

AKHE shares some images here

АХЕ делится впечатлениями - тут

AKHE zeigt einige Bilder - hier

(c) AKHE

WHEEL of POWER - Preview

18. 07. 2007, 23:26 | by DEREVO


The project in Mannheim. Street action / Rehearsal
Das Projekt in Mannheim. Straßenaktion / Die Probe
Проект в Манхайме. Уличная акция / репетиция

Mannheim 2007. WHEEL of POWER project. PREVIEW!!!

The action takes place from July 24 till 29, 2007.
Die Aktion findet vom 24. bis 29. Juli statt.
Акция проходит с 24 по 29 июля.

19:00 - 23:00

See also / siehe auch / см. также: [DE] [EN] [RU]