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NOW - 24.8.2007

23. 08. 2007, 23:21 | by anton

NOWSeveral ways of living for those who want to devote their life to the arts.

  1. A person pursues his favourite occupation. In the remaining time he makes his living by simple physical labor that does not employ his art and skills.
  2. A person limits his social requirements as much as possible and pursues his favourite occupation while living on alms.
  3. A person divides his time between the favourite occupation and additional earning in the “art field” such as mass-media, TV, cinema, parties, bad productions, etc., understanding clearly that all those are just “hack work”.
  4. A person pursues only his favourite occupation and, after spending years to achieve perfection in it, he reaches the time when his stage work allows him to survive in society ensuring him creative, financial and geographical independence.
  5. A person understands that he won’t have enough time and energy to obtain independence through his favourite occupation, so in order not to sell himself he makes the decision not to pursue it or anything related to it, but instead to make money and pave the way for the creative independence and happiness of another person: Husband, Wife,
    Children, Friend.
  6. A person finds a social structure or another person, which (or who) supports him, making it possible to be occupied only by his favourite art and not requiring “loafing”.
  7. A person decides not to do anything at all and leaves for the monastery. He relies upon maintenance from a certain prosperous organization or person.
  8. A person puts an end to his life.

It is necessary to assign names of people who you know well or of celebrities to each point of the list. For example: Bashlachev, Faulkner, Moguchiy, Nikitin, Makarevich, Modigliani, Maximov, Jodorowsky, before starting to tear your ass with a pike crankbait. The ways and methods of transition between the listed models are intriguing. Propose and try.

* Methodological blunders are commited in this text on purpose.

Original text: Anton Adasinsky.
Translation: Niki
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photos: Elena Yarovaya

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