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DEREVO open-air actions film available Online as DVD

12. 06. 2009, 19:15 | by DEREVO

From now on you can download and share the free online version of the DVD “Adventures of the Golden Egg”, the film by Andrey Gladkikh about DEREVO’s most spectacular open-air actions.

The download is provided free of charge via BitTorrent protocol. You will need a torrent client software to download it.

Download is available via free (no registration required) torrent tracker Mininova here »
If your torrent client supports direct magnet links you can also use this magnet URI »

More information about the film and the links to the YouTube version you will find here »

Here some screenshots:


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NOW - 01.04.2009

01. 04. 2009, 01:00 | by DEREVO


I went to the show… or I was taken there to be precise.
A puppet show. A cloth and two puppets hanging. A Boy and a Girl.
7 and a half people in the audience…
tears in my eyes. The world becomes so pure and bright.
On stage, no people smelling of life, no newspapers with murderers.
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Just the cardboard heart, the crumpled silk flower and a small bag of
money (don’t know anymore what for, whether a dowry or ransom…)
Quite an old story. Sound of toy horses and barrel organs. It just
can’t be true.
And at the end the cashier Yershov is hanged at the gallows.

Outside I smoked and blew my nose. Silk, Gypsies and Fandango.

Do you remember? Mommy, mommy, it hurts…

So here’s a song about the small bag of happiness.
Listen to and obey…




Anton Adasinsky - Lyrics, Music, Bass, Vocals
Igor Timofeev - Guitar, Vocals
Nikolay Gusev - Keyboards, Vocals
Andrey Sizintsev - Elektro-Percussion, Vocals
Viktor Virvich - Drums
Alexey Rakhov - Saxophone

Recorded and mixed at Studio “36″ and “Studio Grey”, St. Petersburg, 2009.
Finished on April Fool’s Day.

Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkih
Design: Elena Yarovaya

© DEREVO GbR (Dresden), 2009

Please respect musicians – watch and listen in good quality!
High quality link:


Anton Adasinsky. Photo - Anna BogodistHARLEQUIN. Open rehearsal. Photo - Olga Arefieva HARLEQUIN. Open rehearsal. Photo - Roman EkimovKeep_the_wall. Photo - Elena YarovayaAndrey Sizintsev. Working on video DENGI. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Tarasov_Adassinskij_Airport_Tegel, Berlin. Photo - Elena YarovayaThree_leaves_left. Photo - Elena YarovayaAndrey Sizintsev, Andrey Gladkih, Igor Timofeev. Working on video DENGI. Photo - Elena YarovayaAnton Adasinsky & The Positive Band in concert. Photo - David Pokorny

Photos by David Pokorni, Anna Bogodist, Roman Ekimov, Olga Arefieva, Elena Yarovaya
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya
English text editor: Jennifer Williams


And something more:

About the next appearances of DEREVO and concerts of Anton »


And something more 2:

Another video premiere online! Right on April Fool’s Day 2009 the film by Andrey Gladkih “Adventures of the Golden Egg” has been published on YouTube (High Quality available). This is a first part of the four planned in total:

  1. DEREVO actions in an unusual spaces
  2. Street performances like “A Drum of the Hare Skin”, “Attrazione” etc.
  3. DEREVO special actions on stage like “Mad_in_Japan”, “Wolves’ Tango” and others)
  4. and the most difficult one DEREVO’s stage performances

Golden Egg


Details and links are here »


Adventures of the Golden Egg. The Film

01. 04. 2009, 00:59 | by DEREVO

Video professional Andrey Gladkih looked at the cupboard full of video tapes. Then at the second cupboard. He drank some tequila and looked at the third one.

“Something have to be done with it”, he said.

And from millions of pixels and squares and points he chose right those amazing moments where his mouth fell open or laughter came out or his beard had to be scratched (yes the work took some notable time).

You’re now invited to watch the tangram Adventures of the Golden Egg!
Film by Andrey Gladkih. DEREVO is on screen.

Part 1. Provincial Magic / 5th Wheel, St. Petersburg

Part 2. The Empire, Sovana, Italy

Part 3. Midnight Balance, St. Petersburg

Part 4. Crossing (Totentanz), Dresden

Part 5. Wheel of Power, Mannheim

Part 6. Grauzone, Dresden

Part 7. White Garden, Dublin

Part 8. Lighhouses, Vienna / Babushka, St. Petersburg

Part 9. Windrose, Dresden

Part 10. Windrose - continued, Dresden

Part 11. OEROL, Terschelling island, Netherlands

Weisse Festung / White Fortress / Белая Крепость

05. 02. 2009, 19:09 | by DEREVO

(promo video)


Open-Air performance on and at the water

11, 12 & 13 June 2009
Zwingerteich, Dresden, 22.00

Exclusively for the Zwingerteich area (the pond at the Zwinger Palace) in the centre of Dresden DEREVO together with specially invited dancers, artists and musicians creates a magically moving night world, inspired by history, water and architecture.

Vsyo Khorosho! Video

11. 01. 2009, 21:42 | by DEREVO


Camera and cut by Andrey Gladkikh
Attention! High quality headphones or audio system are recommended for better perception of the sound in the video.



After the short concert series “Vsyo khorosho!” (”Everything is good!”) Anton Adasinsky and the lads decided to carry on with the project. After all it goes so well!

In February or March 2009 there will be recorded the first 4 tracks of the new album:

“Korotkaya” (A Short One)
“Dengi” (Money)
“Zvezda” (The Star)
“Ego glaza” (His Eyes)



Please do not repost this video on YouTube, Facebook or any similar web-sites. Just give a links on this page. (Yes, we do have an offician DEREVO channel on YouTube »)


See also the photos here »

ONCE… played by child actors

11. 11. 2008, 23:05 | by DEREVO

02:42, 13,4 Mb

Camera and edit by Andrey Gladkikh

Anton Adasinsky (from an interview for “Kultura” TV): «They brought 60 children to choose from – everyone a genius. I chose 12, then cut the number down to 10. And they learned our most complicated show in just 4 days, and it’s really complicated with all those anchor points, props and stuff, just a huge pile of stuff… Absolutely genial kids!»

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WindRose project. Video

10. 06. 2008, 01:47 | by DEREVO

DEREVO & AKHE present:


May 20 - 25, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE).

14 min., 63 Mb

Camera / edit by Andrey Gladkikh

See also Text & Photos »

More info about the WINDROSE project (DE) »

WindRose - online preview

22. 05. 2008, 17:38 | by DEREVO

Festspielhaus Hellerau. Dresden. May 21 - 25, 2008:
Participants: DEREVO, AKHE and others

Camera / edit by Andrey Gladkikh

More info (DE) »

See also Text & Photos »

WHEEL of POWER / Action. Part 02

26. 10. 2007, 22:06 | by DEREVO

DEREVO - Elegy

Music - Daniel Williams
Camera - Andrey Gladkih
© DEREVO, 2007

See other “WHEEL of POWER” videos »

WHEEL of POWER - Main page

NOW - 25.09.2007

24. 09. 2007, 19:59 | by DEREVO

NOWAfter uneasy and sleepless days in Mannheim (girls, tractors & night elegy) we found ourselves in Dublin. We were going to open the big Fringe festival. We couldn’t realize it at the start.

We really really wanted to sleep. Really.

What we could dance was maybe the sirtaki. And most likely only the first male part – slow and circumstantial.

And so we started. A dream on black waters at Hanon’s music. “Her Midst”. Hanon – is a pseudonym. I don’t think he would allow Skryabin to leave a wonderful greenhouse in the Pushkarskaya street in St. Petersburg without asking for permission.

The water wasn’t warm or clear. But it was happy that we gave our bodies to it. Just touch the water and some high-speed shimmering wonder connects you through all the brooks, rivers, seas and oceans to that peaceful creek where Krapp is hearing the sedge rustling against the bottom of his boat.

And then we performed in Samuel Beckett’s Theatre. A “happy days”…

Anton Adasinsky in the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevAnton Adasinsky in the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevFloating beds in the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevFloating beds in the White Garden. Photo - Andrey Bobylev
In the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevIn the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevIn the White Garden. Photo - Elena YarovayaMartin Cyprich who has built the White Garden. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Maxim Didenko in the White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevPlanting the White Garden. Photo - Elena YarovayaPlanting the White Garden. Photo - Elena YarovayaPlanting the White Garden. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Planting the White Garden. Photo - Elena YarovayaSwans of the  White Garden. Photo - Andrey BobylevThe White Garden. Photo - Visual MachineWater comes to the White Garden. Photo - Elena Yarovaya

Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo: Elena Yarovaya, Andrey Bobylev
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya

See also the video shot by visual designers from Mercury Boy Inc. and originally posted at TheBubble.

Video by Mercury Boy inc.

WHEEL of POWER / Action. Part 01

11. 08. 2007, 14:15 | by DEREVO

The big project “WHEEL of POWER” in Mannheim is over. Amount of video, photo & press material is enormous. So we’ll report in a parts.

Part 1.

To design all the space at the old railway station DEREVO invited the Gang of the Steel Sculptors - the ROBODOCK Crew.

This way they’re creating their magnificent mechanical objects.

Camera / cut by Andrey Gladkih © DEREVO, 2007

More WHEEL of POWER videos »

WHEEL of POWER - Main page

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WHEEL of POWER - Preview
WHEEL of POWER - friends report

if to build - let it be ships / если строить, то корабли!

25. 05. 2006, 21:22 | by DEREVO

let’s watch / смотрим:

from “Süd. Grenze” (en / de / ru), a white-and-black film by DEREVO © 2001.

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