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NOW - 18.01.2018 - We know everything…

18. 01. 2018, 01:55 | by DEREVO

Photo - Elena Yarovaya


How wonderful. The number Pi!
Now we know everything!
No more secrets, everything has been revealed!
All questions answered!
Even if they were never asked!
Now we know names, prices, how many freckles Amelia has, the temperature on Phobos, we know that tomorrow is Tuesday,
We know Odin’s DNA, we know there are five fingers, six senses and seven sins.
We know four wives are allowed.
And that there will be no war on 16th of March.

We know that everything is possible!!
And we know that we don’t need to do anything.

People have made a lot!
So much. Much is already broken or rusted.
No problem! We’ll produce more!
Everything is counted, painted, discarded, bought, used, hidden, resold, shared, smothered in kisses and forgotten.


Photo - Elena Yarovaya


In Leipzig the police shot down a drone flying over the city centre.
It crashed with its cargo – a teddy bear.
Someone wanted to deliver a gift in an original way.
Well?? Come on, go to the shop, buy a second bear and march forward!
On foot, as you were!
To personally dispatch the gift into happy little hands.

That’s it!
Everybody’s free, at last.
No need to think or gossip, to search for the truth, clarifiy. Nothing to talk or exchange opinions about.

We know everything!



2017 for me was four kg of Plutonium.
Not enough critical mass.
And then, finally, it exploded, and this shimmering haze suddenly condensed in my head, the mosaic began to melt, and mixing in wonderful streaks, the lava of ravings and consciousnesses flowed down to the shore of my one and only river, hissed on the wet sand and began to cool.
I’ll wait for a while
And then I’ll hop over the still warm stone into the water
To bathe.


Photo - Julia Obraztsova


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Elena Yarovaya, Julia Obraztsova

New dates for DEREVO in 2018

can be found in our tour-plan here

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NOW - 20.03.2017 - I’m grown up now

20. 03. 2017, 01:33 | by DEREVO

CLICK for MORE. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


I’m grown up now. A proper superstar
I’m going to play a solo show
It’s called “Last Clown On Earth”
See those capitals in each word!

Anton Adasinsky. Photo by Elena Yarovaya

Even adults and all those serious people have to laugh then
like this

or like that

Then I’ll teach some dancing senses to the guys and girls in Dresden
(Click here for more information)

And on May 23rd and 24th there will be a Russian workshop in St. Petersburg. Details will follow.
I’ll tell about and show the Second Enemy, who’s scarier than the First and the Third.



DEREVO’s next appearances

22 - 25 March 2017, ERARTA Stage, St. Petersburg (RU)
LAST CLOWN ON EARTH // Tickets On-Line »

1 April 2017, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
INOUTside, solo work by Makhina Dzhuraeva // More Info / Tickets »

3 April 2017, Drama Theater, Samara (RU)
LAST CLOWN ON EARTH // Tickets On-Line »

15 - 17 April 2017, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
ISLANDS // Tickets On-Line »

NOW - 31.12.2016 - Happy New Year!

31. 12. 2016, 16:45 | by DEREVO


DEREVO lived through 2016 surprisingly happy!
A feeling of health and an empty head
and as a consequence ― a big smile!

‘La Divina’ and ‘Reflection’ have returned
‘Wolfhound Age’ in Moscow
Filming work, travelling in India and Spain
And so much more

A lovely December in Dresden ― the premiere of a new play by DEREVO:
‘Last Clown on Earth’ by Anton Adasinsky
Premiere of the duet by Makhina Dzhuraeva and Alexey Popov ― MORE
The DEREVO action with Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) ― ‘Moonless’

Thankyou to all our friends for the wonderful vibrations
Anna Bogodist
Isolde Matkey
Igor Fomin
Grigory Shmidko
Andrey Bobylev

And to everybody else!!!



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Katja Pietrusky, Roman Ekimov, Elena Yarovaya


Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Elena YarovayaLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Elena YarovayaLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman Ekimov



NOW - 03.11.2016 - Wolfhound Age

03. 11. 2016, 17:51 | by DEREVO

To name a despot as despot was always dangerous.
Nowadays it’s just as dangerous to name slaves as slaves.
R. Akutagawa
A Pygmy’s Proverbs (from the Russian translation by N. Feldman)


We did it
Wolfhound Age
Without quotes
And the most powerful moment - meeting with the students from the Territory Festival workshops.
We sat in silence.
And I realised that it was possible
I could do it without abstraction and metaphysics
To say exactly:
It was like that!
And it will be again - if you’ll believe what they spin about the history of the country.
And it will be again - while the minister of culture opens monuments to murderers.
And it will be again - while the country wanks and has an orgasm over the slogan “Might is Right”,
And there’s no control of drugs and thieves,
And somebody dares to publish the “Four Stout Hearts” and that putrid list of pseudo-cultural values keeps growing…
And it will be again - while sabre-toothed Cossacks spread their booze-breathed gabble, breaking into a theatre like it’s a field bog-house,
While quasi-orthodox thugs smash exhibitions and sponsor pickets and vandalism.

And it will be again.
And you’ll get up early in the morning, and will huddle with your ear to the door,
and listen as they drag someone down the stairs.
And I don’t want to imagine for how many years you will dream of the child crying in that apartment.

My dear young people!
With us, everything is clear. Bearded creators. Licking each other, rejoicing in mutual understanding.
That public letter was a first warning -
Some signed it, some didn’t
We forget such things.

But how about you?

Anton Adasinsky

English text editor: David Kemp
Photo & Video: Makhina Dzhuraeva


Wolfhound Age. Anton Adasinsky & Chulpan Khamatova. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraeva
Wolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Anton Adasinsky & Chulpan Khamatova. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaWolfhound Age. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraeva



NOW - 06.08.2016 - Catching the Miracle

06. 08. 2016, 21:58 | by DEREVO


I’ve started rehearsals of the new project dedicated to Osip Mandelstam at the Gogol Centre in Moscow.
Chulpan Khamatova ― the Soul
I ― the Chitin of a Poet
and eight of the coolest guys from Kirill Serebrennikov’s troupe. We have already worked together in “Who Is Happy In Russia”.

Made the first photo proofs for my solo work “The Well-Tempered Clavier”. My knowledge of Uber-Marionette theory will be put to a full use here.
Lena Yarovaya did 12 solo performances at the medieval fair in Dresden.

We’re going to Edinburgh! What for? I do not know. No. I know.
There, in Edinburgh, we’re at home, on the street every second person - an artist, and the bartenders are not versed in art worse than the pros from the Scotsman or Herald.
Why are we bringing ONCE… ?
It’s more complicated to answer.
Four years we’re searching for fun for our kids ― a task more and more difficult.
A serious and troubled world doesn’t do much for children.
Hard times.
And you can’t go far with cartoons from the 50s and 60s.
And I want to take them to the theatre, a fairy-tale. Splendid and rich…
And even more, I MYSELF want to go to a good film. And that takes a long time to find.

Although “good” ― it’s not the right word. Well… at least I don’t want any morals: children are smarter than adults; drinking is bad; insects are aliens (or vice versa); Galápagos giant tortoises sacrifice themselves to stop evolution…

From the first line, the first picture, the first sound, I know whether they will eat a piece of my life… or… suddenly the heart beats stronger, the sparks run around my fingers and someone’s soul embraces my face like an oxygen mask. I, after all, like everyone else, I guess, someday everything will be fine. And I have to believe that in these hidden dreams I am not alone.

“ONCE…” ― it is eternal. Like Robinson Crusoe or Gagarin, or artificial snow under the Christmas tree, like a thundering old tram, like the drumming of domino stones in the backyard.
A ray of light leaves my chest and turns to a moon. It rises to the stars and suddenly there’s a shadow! It’s me. I’m so small, crossing the moonpath on a toy comet!
And this is what I’m ready to watch forever.
During August, every day we will catch a Miracle by the ear.


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Video: Andrey Gladkikh
Photos: Makhina Dzhuraeva, Elena Imamova, Igor Fomin

P.S. Such an irony: yesterday in the middle of the show the fire alarm has set off, so the audience and we too - accompanied by friendly clapping - were escorted outside. We spent a couple of relaxed minutes in the sun together with Mary Brennan.


well tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina DzhuraevaONCE... Edinburg Fringe 2016 - Fire Alarm. Photo - Igor Fominwell tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraevawell tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraeva
ONCE... Edinburg Fringe 2016 - Fire Alarm - Photo Elena Imamovawell tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraevawell tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraevawell tempered clavier - photo proofs. Photo - Makhina Dzhuraeva
ONCE... Edinburg Fringe 2016 - Fire Alarm. Photo - Igor Fomin


DEREVO’s upcoming shows

4 - 29 Aug. 2016 (exc 15 & 22 Aug.)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Details and tickets »»

22 - 28 September 2016
ERARTA Stage, St. Petersburg


Details and tickets »»

7th of February - dedicated to Dima Tylpanov - by Elena Yarovaya

08. 02. 2016, 02:24 | by DEREVO

see also / siehe auch / см. также:

NOW - 31.10.2014 - Page 8

31. 10. 2014, 12:04 | by DEREVO

DEREVO - NOW - 31.10.2014

I spent a week in StP.
A record for meetings and conversations.
Meetings all about organising DEREVO’s work in St. Petersburg.
I was not on my own for one minute.
I met the Committee for culture, theaters, directors, officials, students …

Two days of rest and now I try to analyze my feelings

  1. This happened in some other world. With this world DEREVO never was connected.
  2. I was always in danger in these days.
    • Danger to look independent.
    • Danger to make a compromise.
    • Danger to be misunderstood. Danger of too many jokes. Danger to absorb the private lives, which pour from virtually every interlocutor.
    • Danger to get sick at heart seeing all these people’s insecure plans.
  3. When there are millions of troubled people all around you - you will be troubled. The dream is gone. Just whisky and music.
  4. Desire to vacuum and clean the shoes.
  5. Flashes of anger with vendors and taxi drivers - never had this before.

I leaned too far out of the trench. Could be shot.

The last day, two students came to say their goodbye and thanks for the master class. To speak of the work, I forbade them. They asked - is it possible to smoke.

I gave permission. They smoked a joint and the smell drew from memory a distant morning when I woke up in space. It was 4 am. And from the window flowed a sound that did not belong to Leningrad, nor to the USSR nor to our damp morning courtyard …
I remembered how I went to the window and sat on the windowsill for forty minutes …
My 17 years have been dismissed by the judge. I’ve started from the beginning.

And I did the same thing!
I put an ancient speaker in the window and turned on “Wish you were here” …
But something strange has happened. Soon we became scared.
I reduced the volume - the fear never left.
I turned off everything and had to close the window to calm down.
I showed the girls a book, just bought that evening.
Searched for three years and bought it!
The first small edition of his book “Stone” that Mandelstam paid for himself in 1913.
300 small books that changed my world, and not only mine … We read the poems ….
and Pink Floyd came off and flew back home…
I sang page 8 to them.
That’s all.

Then the taxi and the familiar: “Do you mind turning off the radio?”



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp


Lyrics by Osip Mandelstam
Music composed and performed by Roman Dubinnikov
Photos from DEREVO archive by various photographers



Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band on BalconyTV

08. 10. 2014, 01:20 | by DEREVO



Anton Adasinsky
Nikolay Gusev
Alexei Rakhov
Victor Vyrvich
Igor Timofeev
Veronica Golubeva
Sasha Harinova

Video and Photography : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Sound : Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov
Editing : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Production Assistant : Alexandre Senin, Olga Ogneva
Producer : Seva Gakkel

In association with 3MostA Hotel and Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art

see also:


NOW - 05.10.2014 - Plans & Pictures

05. 10. 2014, 11:05 | by DEREVO

Hello all,

in October 2014 you can see & listen to Anton Adasinsky on many occasions in St Petersburg:

  • autumn school at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, 7-10 Oct.
  • on-line on BalconyTV with the Positive Band, 7 Oct.
  • at the talk & film evening at the Angleterre Cinema, 11 Oct
  • at the special event for the Mikhail Chemiakin Foundation, 13 Oct.



In the meantime you can watch the documentary (in Russian) “With a rainbow in the heart” by Galina Korshikova. Unique archive footage by Andrey Gladkikh has been used for this film.



Here you’ll find some pictures of our summer projects

  • White Fortress, finally I’ve got the main part since Pavel Semchenko of AKHE was busy elsewhere
  • Pioneers Parade at Radebeul, it’s all about having fun
  • Midnight Balance at Radebeul
  • Finale Grande at Radebeul, ten thousands wood pieces and five thousand spectators


WEISSE FESTUNG 2014. Photo - A. RummlerWEISSE FESTUNG 2014. Photo - A. RummlerWEISSE FESTUNG 2014. Photo - Silvio DittrichWEISSE FESTUNG 2014. Photo - Silvio DittrichPioneers Parade. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Anton Adasinsky
Pioneers Parade. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Anton AdasinskyPioneers Parade. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Anton AdasinskyMidnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Elena YarovayaMidnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Silvio DittrichMidnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Silvio Dittrich
Midnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Elena YarovayaMidnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Elena YarovayaMidnight Balance. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Elena YarovayaFinale Grande. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Igor FominFinale Grande. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Igor Fomin
Finale Grande. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Igor FominFinale Grande. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Igor FominFinale Grande. Radebeul Festival 2014. Photo - Igor Fomin


Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Elena Yarovaya, Silvio Dittrich, Anton Adasinsky, Igor Fomin, A. Rummler


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NOW - 31.12.2013 - Hello, Gods…

31. 12. 2013, 15:53 | by DEREVO

Hello to you, Gods!
I’m writing with a big “G”, hoping that you’re not snorting offended and that you’ll read it to the end.
Greetings to all of you!
To the sly and bearded, to the bald and invisible, to the painted and gilded, to those of clay or wood, to the unspeakable.
Did I forget someone?
Oh.. there was another one of Sun Ra descendants, born in a joint.

As I can see you’re working hard and diligently.
Wars and more wars, deaths, hunger…
And those are not wars because of princesses or fields or land.  Rather because of yourselves, my dears.

But you’ll have no success after all…
You’d better meet somewhere up in your clouds to measure your strengths or the lengths of your tongues..

And we shall keep making people happy. You cannot stop us!

I’ll outlive you!
And don’t you dare to lay the blame for the miseries of humankind on the Devil!

“The devil’s role has been greatly exaggerated”, Alexander Sokurov

I’ll outlive you, you cardboard figures…

Happy New Year, people!
Go on, do your business!
You were born to be happy!
So be happy!

Anton Adasinsky
DEREVO group

post scriptum

I’ve been asked about it many times…
But didn’t want to answer.
Now I’ll say:
While working on the Faust filmset I’ve been through many things.
Every day some “signs”, “encounters”, “visions”…

I thought I couldn’t cope with it.
However, the Old Pulteney and Morton Feldman were of great help.

Some time later the sensations subsided. But mirrors and the sound of the wind still can get on my nerves…

Therefore I’m writing in the first person.
Though in the meantime I’m not quite sure of it.



“ONCE…” final bows have been filmed on 28 Dec. 2013 at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden

Camera: Makhina Dzhuraeva
On stage: Anton Adasinsky, Elena Yarovaya, Tatyana Khabarova, Oleg Zhukovsky, Pavel Alekhin
Sound: Daniel Williams
Light: Falk Dittrich
Management: Isolde Matkey



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editors: Daniel Williams, David Kemp
Video: Makhina Dzhuraeva


NOW - 15.03.2013 - in the Middle of White

15. 03. 2013, 23:59 | by DEREVO

I was quite full of wonder after my brief visit to Moscow to the Lumiere Gallery.

I hadn’t expected that so many people were still able to walk slowly and speak gently, to look into your eyes and even to listen to you without meddling with their iphones right in front of your face. I’m speaking of the visitors to the exhibition and to my gig there.

The exhibition Time of the Bells is a VERY GOOD one. Thank you to Nastya and all other organisers behind the scenes.

Meanwhile the DEREVO studio in Dresden has been turned into a filming location. A motion picture in progress is:

The Middle of White (working title)

Idea: Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)
Director: Pavel Semchenko
Cast: Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO)
Cameraman: Andrey Gladkikh
Assistant: Natalia Krymskaya
Producer: Pavel Semchenko

Big thanks to Elena Yarovaya and Isolde Matkey for their support with the boring administrative tasks.

We will tell nothing yet about the music. That will be a surprise.

(english text editor: Daniel Williams)


Pavel Semchenko & Anton Adasinsky.The Middle of White in progress.The Middle of White in progress.The Middle of White in progress.
The Middle of White in progress.The Middle of White in progress.The Middle of White in progress.The Middle of White in progress.
The Middle of White in progress.



LA DIVINA COMMEDIA - back in Dresden

Also the heavy metal performance by DEREVO is nearing:

29 – 31 March 2013 in Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden

The golden classic by DEREVO to be presented by the original cast & crew.

On stage:
Oleg Zhukovsky
Elena Yarovaya
Tatyana Khabarova
Anton Adasinsky

Sound: Dmitry Abramov
Light: Falk Dittrich

Tickets available On-Line via SAXTicket »



Bonus track for today’s NOW:

Anton Adasinsky performs his song Cat on Accordion from the Album DOPPIO live at Lumiere Centre in Moscow, 9th of March 2013. On stage are Alexandra, Veronika, Anton & Nikolay

Download the album DOPPIO here »


NOW - 19.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 2

19. 06. 2012, 23:08 | by DEREVO

DEREVO has brilliantly performed MEPHISTO WALTZ last year at the OEROL.

But I was somehow uneasy. Not quite settled. Not entirely.

This is the island of DEREVO.

Every blade of grass knows us here.

But the guys didn’t go through that all yet.

They’ve got it delivered directly, the audience, the success.

MEPHISTO WALTZ is a show. Precise and ready-made body.

So now, one year later, they have to attend some other classes: the Street and the Body.

Just as we were doing it then.

In the sunlight and with no music playing back. Same costumes, same asphalt, same wind and a sand…

It just must be.

The steps of a big staircase should not be skipped.

This is a way of learning. I think about it rather often lately.




DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012
DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012





NOW - 16.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 1

16. 06. 2012, 16:23 | by DEREVO

Meanwhile DEREVO School on Wheels has finished their performances at the ROBODOCK 2012 (you may remember the name from the huge project in Mannheim)…

On June 15th there’s a ten days long performances marathon on Terschelling island begins, at the OEROL festival.

A lot of things was started for DEREVO there some time ago. And a lot of things for the OEROL.

We’ll keep you up-to-date about the daily performances and improvisations.

You’ll see the dunes, the sea, the horses and the Moon and our guys among all these beautiful things…


  • Nastya Ponomareva (Lunis)
  • Pavel Alekhin (Gleb)
  • Makhina Juraeva (Marat)
  • Anya Raicheva (Raja Ancheva)

We wish you and us were there…



DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL) DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL)





NOW - 10.01.2012 - I mustn’t…

10. 01. 2012, 22:20 | by DEREVO

DEREVO, in its own way, continues to work on the film Doppio:

Anton thinks the screenplay is not ready.

The guitarist Igor Timofeev thinks that the videoclip “Zvezda” (The star) comprises all the ideas of the motion picture and thus the shooting is over…

Leonid Leikin thinks there’s a series to be filmed and in particular from the starting point of Episode 3. ..

Anyway, the work goes on.

In following we offer you the video “Zvezda”, one significant photo and the long text which explains its significance.



Please, don’t get me wrong. A new thing is a new thing. An old one is old.

A thing comes cold to the world. Then it meets its first human being, takes a part of their warmth, their soul. Then it happens again and again.

Coloured by people’s love, a thing starts glistening, the circle of its admirers expands.

Both a human and a thing may have quarrels, divorces, picnics, weddings and crimes. A thing can run away from home, have an affair. A thing can punish or even kill. Don’t get me wrong.

There are living things and there are dead things. Just like people. But dead man is usually buried while a dead thing persists in the world until it is physically decayed .

A living thing has always been a part of a man’s destiny. Whether it was a car or a salt cellar. In the beginning of 70’s people started to sing sad songs. Weariness and the Lack of Faith have been summoned by the sounds of those ballads:lack of Faith in many things, including one’s own work. Why must one produce a good thing? Who will see the difference?

China, cold-blooded and faceless, loaded us with so many dead things. Particularly mean is the fact that they were the copies of the real things, an in each and every one of them there was a little man with his hard moustache and sly eyes, laughing…

Musical instruments have endured the longest…

I’m constantly in search of old guitars, trying to keep or to extend their life. I know there will come a day when there will be not a single old guitar leftin the world. But until then…

Hofner Congress comes from the 50’s . Pretty low priced it gained not too much respect and could be taken everywhere: to a beach, to a picnic… So just very few of them survived.

The classified ad attracted me by its brevity and a kind of timidity: “An old guitar for sale”. Full stop. And just one photo with an old wrapping in front. It seemed to me that the owner didn’t want to approach any nearer to it. The price was plainly invented: 100 Euro. By its shape I guessed it would be a Hofner. I’ve got a confirmation on the phone later. He also said that the guitar was hanging on the wall for 40 years. We made an appointment.

At night in the hallway of his house somewhere in Bavaria I asked him if he knows that his guitars actually would cost much more.

“It’s possible”, he said, “but it doesn’t matter now”.

He didn’t put the hundred Euro into his pocket, just kept trying to get rid of the banknotes.
We had to co-operate to put the old wrapping on. The guitar didn’t want to fit in. I asked him if he plays at all. He answered rather loud, as if it was for someone else.

“No. My father wanted me to, so he gave it to me”, then he corrected himself, “well, he bought it for me”.

He really wanted me to leave. I wanted the same.

In the car I had to open the windows, so strong was the foul smell of the wrapping . No, this guitar was not hanging on the wall. It was closed up in a cellar when a small boy has not become a musician. But dreams are dying slowly, so neither father nor the son were capable of parting with this thing.

How it shined when I removed the mould and grime layer. It was actually NEW! Nobody has ever played on it ! Inside I noticed a piece of paper. I’ve pulled it out and sat for a long time not knowing what to do with it. On a crumpled piece of paper there was a child scribble: a boy behind bars (or strings) and an inscription “I mustn’t”.


Ich darf nicht


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Daniel Williams


NOW - 31.12.2011 - Happy New Year!

31. 12. 2011, 16:44 | by DEREVO


… You’re asleep.
Curled, embracing the pillow, deep under the blanket.
It’s late at night.
And you’re asleep,
And nobody knows who you’re going to be the next ringing morning.
What kind of chain armour you’ll be wearing by then. Will you be a politician, a faithful wife or an old man or… ?
You’re asleep. And the other one is sleeping too, the one you’ll see in the sight of a gun or the one at the shop, holding an avocado…
The only one, who will become a reason to miss the train…
Tonight we are just children.
It doesn’t matter how rich you see yourself in your dreams, no matter how big the painting over the bed. And the thrilled servants behind the bedroom door, changing your coffee cup every ten minutes to keep it warm, they do not matter either.
Just one bed for all, and one Home and one World.
We’re asleep and, oh God, let us stay so just a while longer, not to slip into the shells of our lives quite yet.
I know I’ll wake up and I’ll become the one who I must be, who I have to be, who I got used to being.
But now… there’s no war, no treason, no labour.
We’re asleep.
Like children,
And I want to be like you,
To love and to be loved.
May Those Who We Insult During The Day Forgive Us At Night!
They were sleeping during the night too and they were wishing me Well.
I’m asleep.

Happy New Year! …



Anton Adasinsky & Daniel Williams. Photo - S. NeuhausPhoto - Igor FominPhoto - T. BelousovaDEREVO's very first poster discovered in Bucharest. Photo - Igor FominMEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - T. Belousova
From DEREVO Film DOPPIO. Photo - Anton AdasinskyPhoto - Nastya PonomarevaFrom DEREVO Film DOPPIO. Photo - Nastya PonomarevaHappy New Year! Photo - S. Neuhaus


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Daniel Williams
Photo: Anton Adasinsky, Igor Fomin, Nastya Ponomareva, S. Neuhaus, T. Belousova
Video: Nastya Ponomareva