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NOW - 03.03.2008

03. 03. 2008, 23:58 | by DEREVO

NOWSo we’ve been to Samara, St. Petersburg, Moscow…

Something happened to us or to the people who are here for us.
Now they all really-really want us to be and to live,
Although I’ve had some other plans recently.
And the black cloud is covering the birthmarks and the stubble…
And suddenly, as expected, there’s so much Love!
Not simply, “D’you have any tickets still?”
But crying, “I need it! I flew from Siberia…”

White snow. The colour of the morning alley in a sanatorium just as you’re going out of breath after the nurses’ words:
“There’s a visitor for you.”
“Who?” – you’re pleading – “Who?”
She smiles.
“You’ll see for yourself.”

Pyjamas, a hospital-gown; and sliding down into the park, throwing off a cast of myself on each step of the stairs, a cast of sinful, blabbing and unique me. Then an excuse for the prepared joke: “I love me, me of my own making…”*

Cold hands, a discomfort, where to put those oranges? And then – slantwise into the snowdrift. An incantation.



Attention! Snow! Photo - Elena YarovayaMost Important Thing Is To Have Someone To Love. Photo - Elena YarovayaAt the Pulkovo Airport. Photo - Elena YarovayaSTEREOZOLDAT
Anton & Lu, Samara. Photo - Elena YarovayaA bus in Samara. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena YarovayaDEREVO Poster in Samara. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Anton in the snow, Samara. Photo - Elena YarovayaLu in St. Petersburg. Photo - Elena YarovayaRainy February. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


Text: Anton Adassinskij
Übersetzung: Rainer Jäckel
Fotos und Bilddesign: Elena Iarovaia

NOW - 25.12.2006

25. 12. 2006, 22:50 | by DEREVO

NOWVery simple and very good news.

DEREVO rehearses a new work, “ROBERT’S DREAM” - and it’s very good. The New Year is coming soon, and it’s very good too.

It’s good that the Winter is not here yet. But it will come, believe in it. It will be good as well. The crazy crowd in the stores, and the punch, and Christmas trees on the streets, and the colourful lights, and the shining punks, and the cheerful handicapped persons, and nobody buying any newspapers.

I’m used to the fact that lots of things are unchangeable and that the tears of change do turn me on.

There’s only place for one at the top of the mountain. It is very lonely and windy there.

You always want to meet everyone but then you remember that you did not call the most important one, simply forgot, while he or she maybe wasn’t so far away. You don’t like to come across friends in queues. No, wrong. The other way round. There is a reason to open your eyes wide and wish lots of happiness… Oh Lord, why not on every single day and not to everyone?

Robert's DreamRobert's DreamRobert's DreamRobert's Dream
Robert's DreamRobert's DreamRobert's DreamRobert's Dream
Robert's DreamRobert's DreamRobert's Dream

English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo & color grading: Elena Iarovaia