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12. 08. 2011, 19:00 | by DEREVO

DEREVO Workshop. Photo - DEREVO Archive


The next workshop by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO for russian-speaking audience will be held in St. Petersburg on May 19&20, 2018.

St. Petersburg, May 2018: full information and registration form in Russian »



Workshop by Anton Adasinsky in St Petersburg, 25 - 27 March 2011 (in Russian)

03. 03. 2011, 23:01 | by DEREVO

Great news for our russian friends. Right after the perfomances in St. Petersburg in March 2011, there is a 3 day long workshop by Anton Adasinsky to be held. With many special exerсises and with deeper looks into the DEREVO system. Unfortunately this is only available for russian-speaking participants and audience.

All details and application form are available in Russian under


Anton Adasinsky. Photo: Lena Dolmatova



Workshop by Tanya Khabarova, Dresden, Nov. 11-14, 2010

01. 09. 2010, 21:05 | by DEREVO

Tanya Khabarova – founding member and dancer of DEREVO – will hold a dance theatre workshop in Dresden in the course of the 28th International Pantomime Festival from 11 to 14 November, 2010. The workshop is based on metaphysical insights of DEREVO`s school of movement.

Theme: Stained Glass Window
Dates: November 11 -14, 2010

Tanya Khabarova - Conception, Choreography und Staging
Frieder Zimmermann - Composition, Sound
Falk Dittrich – Light Design

All details and application form can be found here »

Tanya Khabarova

Мастер-классы Антона Адасинского в Питере

18. 02. 2010, 00:12 | by DEREVO

С 14 по 16 марта 2010 г., в помещении студии «Bye Bye Ballet» (Санкт-Петербург), пройдет три мастер-класса Антона Адасинского под общим названием «СЕКРЕТЫ»

1 день. СЕРДЦЕ.
2 день. ГЛАЗА и УШИ.
3 день. ГОЛОВА.

Начало в 11.00

Подробная информация и анкета для участников - в разделе “мастер-классы” »


DEREVO Workshop


Workshop of Anton Adasinsky in Moscow

14. 01. 2009, 22:09 | by DEREVO

On February 23 & 24, 2009 a workshop of Anton Adasinsky will take place in Moscow.

2 days from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m with 30 minutes break.

Maximum capacity: 30 participants, 100 people audience.

If you speak Russian, please fill out our registration form (the link is below)
If you don’t but would like to join as a participant, please e-mail us at Please describe your previous experiences in Dance, Physical Theatre, any other arts, sports etc. If you’d like to take part as an active participant, we will also need to know your age. Please write also what do you know about DEREVO and its work, why you want to take part in the workshop.

Мастер-класс Антона Адасинского. СПб, март 2008

24. 02. 2008, 19:07 | by DEREVO

Открыта регистрация на двухдневный мастер-класс Антона Адасинского в Санкт-Петербурге, 20 и 21 марта 2008 г.

UPDATE: регистрация на мастер-класс закончена. спасибо!

NOW - 16.11.2007

16. 11. 2007, 19:01 | by DEREVO


I was walking through the night in Prague with Robert. He was
absent-minded… was hurrying somewhere.
At the reception in the hotel he left me a note “…I’ll see you later.

You know how to find me…”
Then it was St.P. I’ve met my friends, but not all, whom I’d like to thank. I’ve sung three songs to the children,
I’ve shot the black-eyed beginning of the film “Diagnosis”,
I’ve seen the girl Loozai -
I gave her an iron umbrella and the left-hand glove… and October didn’t want to end.

Styk performed in Dresden her first solo “Tula”, Roman Gabria
performed “Gioconda’s Smile”, and there were “Totentanz” and
“Barbuzons”, and the KETZAL flew to Spain, and my last workshop – so
cruel and so funny…………………………………………. Yes, Anton?……………………
….. Yes……………………………………………………………… and Pierrot’s black buttons like three gun-shots in a nightmare.

Totentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheBarbuzons. Photo by Elena YarovayaElena Stykova. Photo by Carola FritzscheElena Stykova. Photo by Carola Fritzsche
21 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena YarovayaRoman Gabria. Photo by Carola FritzscheBarbuzons. Photo by Elena Yarovaya20 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena Yarovaya
Totentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola FritzscheTotentanz07. Photo by Carola Fritzsche
18 minutes before the show. Photo by Elena YarovayaTrain will well. Photo by Elena Yarovaya

Text by Anton Adasinsky
English text editor - Jennifer Williams
Photos by Elena Yarovaya, Carola Fritzsche
Photo design by Elena Yarovaya

UPDATE: Anton Adasinsky’s workshops in Dresden - 15 & 16 Feb. 2007

20. 01. 2007, 18:18 | by DEREVO

As a part of the “TANZPLAN” project Anton Adassinsky will present the system DEREVO. In two days of intensive work he will introduce/ familiarize with and present the principles to the participants of the work from DEREVO, including: body memory, dance instinct, rhythm and dance, structure and improvisation, the deconstructing of physical and mental stereotypes, imagination and dance.

The project also features a workshops of the following artists & specialists: Jenny Coogan, Laura Graham, Dieter Heitkamp, Ingo Reulecke, Lutz Gregor, Hayo David, Markus Stockhausen, Angela Rannow

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Объявляется набор участников проектов DEREVO в 2007 г.

20. 09. 2006, 18:48 | by anton

Принимали вы участие в занятиях или нет - не имеет значения ни для DEREVO, ни для вас, ни для занятий. Это, надеюсь, всем понятно. Особенно тем, кто никогда не видел.

В ноябре-декабре 2006 будет проводиться отбор на проекты 2007 года, где вместе с группой DEREVO будут участвовать и студенты Антона Адасинского из разных стран.

Приготовьте материалы! Срок подачи продлён до конца января 2007!

  • 4-5 фотографий со сцены. Один портрет.
  • Стихи, рисунки, фотографии скульптур и т.д.
  • 2 фрагмента видео на DVD по 5 мин макс. импровизаций сделаных не раньше 16-го сентября 2006 года

Если кто-то из участников мастер-классов представляет себе другую форму сотрудничества с DEREVO – пишите.

Это может быть и работа в офисе,
и техническая (свет-звук-сцена),
и мультимедийная (видео-фото)
и массажно-поварская.
А также с хорошей дикцией можно читать вслух «Калевалу» в оригинале, так как DEREVO отличается повышенной неграмотностью, бархатной кожей и неумением свистеть.

Адрес для отправки в Дрезден:

Theater DEREVO
Festspielhaus Hellerau
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56
D-01109 Dresden
Deutschland / Германия

Есть дополнительные вопросы? Пишите на

Антон Адасинский

Workshop by Anton Adasinsky & action “Just like this” in St. Petersburg

03. 09. 2006, 22:17 | by DEREVO

VERTICAL 2006, St. Petersburg14 Sept., 11.00 - Workshop of Anton Adasinsky, Festival VERTICAL 2006, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)

15 Sept. - DEREVO Action “Just like this”, with a workshop participants, Festival VERTICAL 2006, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)

More information (in russian) - here