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“Here, as Adasinsky smites the audience with his mephistophelean charm, with his beguiling tenderness, you can believe that he could do much, much more...”

“He's also a master of tiny gestures, in their highest concentration. Whether he seemingly strolls over the stage or tries to fit through a door, his body is in high tension
.. ”

Uwe Salzbrenner, Sächschische Zeitung / Dresden

“With this piece he not only tells the story of the primordial clown figure and the principle of laughter but also tells of the self sacrifice of the clown and his eternal rebirth.”

DPA / Deutsche Presseagentur

“A clown says more than thousand words. The last clown on earth - is one of us. Deeply fallen, pushed around, yet full of inner joy. He doesn't give up and advises us to do the same.”

Gina Kauffeldt, KulturgeflĂĽster Dresden