Alexander Sokurov's Faust

Александра Сокурова

The Usurer’s Diary. Story One.

20. 09. 2009

As an actor playing one of the main characters I benefit from various privileges.
For instance a car with a chauffeur.

I don’t use the chauffeur but drive myself. A castle where filming takes place is far away from the hotel, about half an hour drive on the curved rural Czech roads.

On the 10th day my eyes start watering either from the complex make-up or because of something else…

That evening on the road I realise that I’m losing my sight.

It’s night, distant villages around… and I can’t see farther than a ten meter range. Somehow I manage to reach the hotel.

Next day there are mass scenes done: horses, rats, dogs and ninety soldiers… lots of dust.

On the way home I stop seeing anything at all. I am really scared. Cars hoot and overtake me. I call the director’s assistant. The whole team comes, as well as two ambulance cars. Complete sight test with all those tables, in half-darkness or with my face against a lamp. Everything is perfectly alright. Reassured, they all leave happily.

The next day is free and approaching Dresden in the morning I discover that both headlights of the car have burned out. The reason for the ‘blindness’ is clear. My pretty loud laughter amuses the maintenance staff and the birds.

I ring the film team and tell them that my eyes are OK.


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  1. zanetko Says:

    ach anton.
    wie schön.
    ich muss auch lachen.
    danke dir.

  2. zanetko Says:

    und dank auch an den übersetzer.

  3. artyulia Says:

    Так вот часто, все наши самые страшные переживания,
    являются результатом злой шутки)